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Positive ovulation test during period ? *UPdate*

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sophiedeana990 Sun 28-Jun-15 09:33:00

Hi all, so ever since I started having periods at age 10, they've always been every 29/30 days exactly, and always lasting no longer than 3 days in duration. I've been TTC for about 3 months and this month decided to buy some Clearblue Ovulation tests (pink and white), from Boots. Might I add that I'm only 20 so it's safe to say it isn't age related.

Just out of interest, I took one the afternoon I got them, which was 1 day after my periods had stopped (must admit was still spotting a tiny bit). I was confused so posted on Mumsnet, and people were suggesting it might be break through bleeding and actually the ovulation test could've been positive because I'm pregnant.

Well, last night I took a Clearblue digit test and it was a BF 'Not Pregnant'. In my heart I was hoping for it to be a positive, and that's more to do with solving my confusing about the mystery positive ovulation test than anything else, which is strange because I want this so much.

I've been tested for PCOS and I've recently had blood tests for hormonal functions/imbalances and everything is perfectly NORMAL.

I took a ovulation test this morning and I didn't get a smiley face, just a round circle! What is going on?! I'm obviously not ovulating as this morning there was no smiley sad

Just makes TTC so much more confusing!!! Ergghhhh

ohhello Tue 30-Jun-15 23:28:19

Bear in mind they work on a cycle some of those tests so the compare it to the last few reading, so you have to start and stop testing when the instructions say. If you don't you mind get a false result because it's lower or higher compared to a few days or weeks ago rather than yesterday. I hope that makes some sense.

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