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Pcos... Hair EVERYWHERE! Can't conceive... Nightmare!

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Nickylovesherjohn Thu 25-Jun-15 20:12:12

Hi there,
I was diagnosed with pcos a few years back not been on any medication, as it has not really bothered me before.
All of a sudden I have more body hair than bloody wolverine including on my chin! I now look like my old auntie joy (she had a goatee) and It feels like stubble as I was advised to shave it ( not a good thing to do) any medication I can get from my gp to solve this problem?
Also my period is basically monthly maybe a few days off at most, but I haven't had it for 5 months or so, we're trying to conceive so im a bit worried. I've had past scans of my ovaries and the sonographer couldn't see anything no cysts nothing is that normal or misdiagnosed by my GP? Help me before I turn into a ball of fluff! confused

Dollydewdrop21 Fri 26-Jun-15 09:08:19


I was also diagnosed with pcos after a few years of ttc with no luck. I was prescribed metformin. At that point i didnt notice any change and was still not ovulating. I slowly changed my diet (limiting carbs and sugar and upping protein, fruit and veg) I also lost 4.5 stone. I am now ovulating again and still taking the metformin.

How is your diet and bmi? I would strongly encourage you to eat well and exercise. Doctor was telling me to do it for ages but just couldnt get it right! I wish I had done it earlier.

I know it's really tough but it is possible to control your pcos. Speak to your gp about metformin and dont give up. Good luck! grin

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