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Random cycle lengths

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Silversun83 Wed 24-Jun-15 12:39:55

Hi everyone, I'm 32, TTC #1 and on cycle 10.

I just wondered if anyone had had experience of changing cycle lengths, but which were still in the 'normal' range and whether this had indicated any problems?

I've been off the pill (Cerazette) since the beginning of September and my first period came 27 days after my last tablet. Since then, my cycle length has been anything from 23 to 31 days (apart from the second month which was 37 but I'm assuming that was anovulatory). I don't temp but have been using OPKs for the last few months. Each month I also get extremely sore boobs which I think is caused by the progesterone rise after ovulation (this correlates with the positive OPK). From this I'm assuming it's likely I do ovulate and my luteal phase seems to be 10-11 days.

We'll be going to GP in next couple of months if still no BFP but was just wondering if anyone had experienced similar... I guess changing ovulation dates is not necessarily a problem and can be due to various things but it does make things a bit more unpredictable! grin Although we do try to DTD EOD from about CD8 until pos OPK and then a few consecutive days after that. I think I'm just at the point that I'm just looking for potential issues although I realise 10 months is not unusual.

Anyway, sorry for the waffle! Any similar stories would be really helpful.

BabyBumpHopeful Thu 25-Jun-15 04:15:34

Do you temp as well?

It's very possible you're having the hormonal surge for ovulation (hence the psotivie opks) but not actually ovulating.

A 7 day range of dates does seem weird though... I'm 32-34 with ov on cd20, confirmed by temp.

Silversun83 Thu 25-Jun-15 17:27:11

Hi, thanks very much for your response. smile I don't temp unfortunately.. I have quite disrupted sleep and so I don't think it would be particularly accurate.. That, and I think it would make my sleep even more disruptive as I would be worrying about it!

The reason I think I do ovulate is that I always without fail get sore boobs a day or two after a positive OPK and the number of days between sore boobs and AF is always roughly the same.. But I guess that's not foolproof! The month I came off the pill I also had an ultrasound (different reason) and the sonographer told me that she thought I had just ovulated.. Though obviously that's not to say I do every month!

Thanks for your input smile It's just frustrating not knowing from month to month how long that cycle will be (until the sore boobs hit!). I'm planning to go to GP in next couple of months anyway (as it will be coming up to a year) so will obviously bring it up.

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