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TTC funny stories

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Iambransmummy Tue 23-Jun-15 21:31:53

Hi there! I'm new here, been TTC since May 1st but nothing yet. None of my friends have children or are planning to so came here for a bit of company. Just wondered if anyone had any funny stories about TTC? My hubby and I had such a laugh this evening! I had my back in the floor and my bum in the sofa and he sort of squatted down so Gravity was on our side. I then lay there scissoring my legs trying to get things moving! Just made me giggle so much, what's everyone else been up to?

Ps sorry about the random username, there weren't many options. Bran is our dog but also our child, and will always be child number 1. We tell him were making him a little brother or sister. Yes I know we're mad!

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