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Angus Castus, Red raspberry tea leaf, Cassava, Evening primrose oil: confused on fertility supplements, what have you tried or what would you try

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pinkdaffodil23 Tue 23-Jun-15 19:48:50

Hi everyone

We are trying to conceive our first child, I have read about so many different supplements that should in different ways help increase fertility. I was looking for a supplements to try but I have one across that many that I don't know which one I should try. The main ones I came across are Angus castus, red raspberry tea leaf, Cassava and evening primrose oil, although I've come across others.

Of these which have you used and do you know of any side effects of any of them in regards to baby's development. I'm so worried that taking a supplement that helps your body ovulate earlier than you would etc may mean an egg being released before its ready leading to birth defects. I'm probably way of the mark here I just can't help but worry about it.

Any advice appreciated


NewLeafExpat Wed 24-Jun-15 09:48:01

I tried it all and nothing worked, now I am on Clomid. I do not recommend Angus cactus though.

I think EPO won't do any harm if taken in first half of your cycle to supposedly increase CM.

If I were you I would stick to healthy diet, gentle exercise, folic acid and lots of sex!

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