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100mg clomid hasn't worked- any 150mg success stories out there to give me hope?!

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RoseBud2015 Tue 23-Jun-15 19:47:45

50mg clomid didn't work for me last month, and I found out today at my follicle tracking scan that 100mg clomid hasn't worked either sad I didn't have ANY side effects whatsoever, so I did see this coming but it has still really upset me.

My dose has now been increased to 150mg for my next cycle, but I have also been told that if 150mg doesn't work then there is nothing else the NHS can do for us sad. Apparently our next step is IVF but because DH has 2DDs we are not eligible for NHS-funded IVF.

I'm feeling so sad and could really do with some 150mg clomid success stories to give me just a little glimmer of hope! Anyone want to share?

Nomio230 Tue 23-Jun-15 21:27:19

I sorry I don't have any success story for you, but I really hope you get your BFP. Don't lose hope. X

NewLeafExpat Wed 24-Jun-15 09:45:05

Hi rosebuds, I don't have any success stories as I am only on my first Clomid cycle at 50mg, but what day did you have follicle tracking scan and how long are your cycles normally?

My cycles are always around 35 days, minimum was 33 days yet I had my scan on cd14 as the doctor said Clomid should reduce my cycles to 28 days.

Well on my cd14 scan there wasn't much to see as I anticipated, but I hold hopes that I did ovulate this month, just around CD 21 not as early as they would have liked.

Next month they told me to try 100mg, and come back later in cycle for a scan but I'm hoping there won't be a next month.

Anyway, just a thought to consider how your cycles were before, this is only the third go for you and you should get six goes on Clomid right?

My fingers crossed for you, don't give up hope.

RoseBud2015 Wed 24-Jun-15 15:33:23

Aww thanks Nomio I really appreciate it!

Hi New I had the follicle tracking scan on cd11 which I know is very early on the sonographer said that because there is no growth in follicles at all, it means it hasn't worked. I don't have cycles naturally and have always had to take progesterone to induce a bleed since coming off BC.

You're right though, late ov is still a (very small) possibility so we will continue to DTD regularly anyway, but feel so demotivated now!

What makes you think you ov'd late? X

NewLeafExpat Fri 26-Jun-15 09:27:46

Hi rosebuds

I think don't give up hope, CD11 is quite early for a scan.

I think I ovulated late because my cycles were always longer than "average", ovarian pain and suuuuuper positive OPK (never had this before). I have had cycles of 60/70 days before but i'm happy with 35-40 days.

I have heard that ovulating late is not ideal, poor egg/endometrial lining quality (i think?), but its better than not at all I guess.

I am NO doctor, but would suggest to you to try 150mg as they told you to, but try to arrange your follicle scan around CD16 or later, especially since you have long cycles normally. I was told by my sonographer nurse to try 100mg next time, and come later in my cycle, not CD14 because of the fact of my longer cycles.

and most importantly of course make sure you try BD every second day... you never know!!

GOOD LUCK to you!

RoseBud2015 Fri 26-Jun-15 17:21:06

Thank you New smile

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