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Ttc and a bit overweight

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Bloodynora1790 Tue 23-Jun-15 08:55:50

Long time lurker first time poster.
Myself and DH have decided to start trying to get pregnant in the coming months. Just wanted some advice as i'm overweight at the moment and whether i should try to get my weight down further b4 starting iyswim.
My BMI is 28 atm and ive got it down from 31 in the last couple of months by dieting andand military style fitness.
Just wondered if anyone has been lectured my doctors/nurses about their weight at time of conception or early pregnancy. I'm 35 atm so time is of the essence too. So should i keep doing this hardcore fitness sessions even if i'm ttc andfocus on getting my weight down before we start ttc or crack on! I just have a horror of finding out i'm pregnant and getting the stink-eye from the midwife/doctors before i've even started. Any advice would be great. Many thanks.

princessvikki Tue 23-Jun-15 09:43:20

My bmi was 45 when I got pregnant 1st time round and I have to say I never had a comment form any medical staff. I had lost almost 3 stone before get pregnant I was hugeconfused and managed with careful diet and a bit of luck not to gain any weight whilst pregnant and all I got were positive comments at midwife appointments about not gaining loads. I did have to go to see a consultant regularly as my risk of weight related complications were higher, high bp , gestational diabetes ect.
I would say start trying, keep up with the changes you've made but give it a go , it took over a year for me to conceive so I was glad we started when we did( due to other problems not weight) good luck flowers

Vap0 Tue 23-Jun-15 11:03:40


If your bmi is below 30 they won't have a problem even if you have to be given drugs to help (hopefully you won't). I was told my bmi needed to be below 30 for clomid.

I'd get started now! Good luck with it all flowers

VioletVelvet Tue 23-Jun-15 11:20:08

My BMI was 27 when I had my first baby and nothing was said at all. When I had my second my BMI was 30 and the midwife just gave me a leaflet on healthy eating during pregnancy and never mentioned it again smile

I think you should go for it now! Good luck!

5hell Tue 23-Jun-15 12:52:44

go for it now and keep up the healthy changes too

even if you conceive v quickly, 28 doesn't sound too bad and if you try not to put much wieght on udirng pregnancy thne you should be fine.

in addition, if ttc takes a little while having the food/exercise to focus on will be a good distraction from ttc obsession not that any of us ever get obsessed oh no!

good luck

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