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TTC After Nexplanon implant. Advice needed please.

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Derbygirl37 Mon 22-Jun-15 16:02:59

I had my nexplanon implant removed on 1st June (had it in for just under 3 years) to try and conceive my first child. Prior to the implant I was on the depo injection for many years and the pill before that, which I started when I was 15 due to heavy periods. I had no periods whatsoever whilst I had the implant in, or when I was on the depo. The nurse who removed the implant said my fertility would go back to normal straight away and that I should start bleeding by the weekend following removal. However, I have still not started a period/withdrawal bleed yet. On the day of removal, I had stomach ache and then had quite bad stomach cramps towards the end of that week, but no bleeding. I have also been feeling sick a lot and have vomited on two occasions, last Tuesday afternoon and this morning. My back aches, my legs ache in the evenings and I've been having headaches. I've done three pregnancy tests over the past few weeks but all have been negative. Is this normal following removal of the implant? Or could I still be pregnant?

Derbygirl37 Tue 23-Jun-15 10:25:32

Forgot to mention that I'm new here and this is my first post grin

Vap0 Tue 23-Jun-15 12:53:21

Hi derby welcome!

I don't know anything about that implant I'm afraid so don't know the effects it can have.

I do however hava experience with the depo jab. I had my last jab 25 months ago, we wished I hadn't had the last one but were going on holiday as it wore off and didn't want a period and so we started ttc straight away once it wore off. Periods took about 12 months to come back at all (after the 3 month wearing off period) and very erratically at that. Before the periods I had horrible withdrawal effects, sickness, tiredness, aching boobs-nobody could touch me without excruciating pain, and on and on... Then for things to settle down into something near a normal cycle has taken 18 months and have only ovulated 3 times in the last 22 months of trying.

I'd go back and check that your implant does in-fact wear off immediately as I found with the depo they used the whole "you're a day late for your injection? You could be pregnant! It can wear off quickly you know!" They said this every time I went back which made me think it would be a fairly quick fix.

I don't mean to bring a downer on it because I don't know anything about the implant and you've had the depo out of your system for a long time now but would still be very wary of what they say when you're going for a top up.

Keep testing too as you never know, you could have been lucky and been caught month 1 grin. If AF does show up or if you keep getting negatives after a couple of weeks maybe buy some cheap internet ovulation predictor kits, that way you should know more about what is going on.

Best of luck flowers

HelenF350 Tue 23-Jun-15 13:00:52

I had implants back to back for 12 years. You get lots of pregnancy symptoms when it is removed which can be very confusing. If you are unsure do a test. Withdrawal bleeds and your periods returning vary from person to person. I had mine out mid June and got my BFP in October, I'm due in 6 days. Good luck!

nottheOP Tue 23-Jun-15 13:06:15

Not the implant, which I have now but after finishing the pill I had my withdrawal bleed and then eventually got a BFP about 7/8 weeks later. It was a very odd and paranoid time as I wasn't bleeding and was having lots of negative tests.

It's also been so long since I had natural cycles that I couldn't really remember how long they used to be and that could have changed anyway by now.

My advice would therefore be to carry on having plenty of sex whilst you're enthusiastic about TTCing and fingers crossed! It worked for us and the midwife said you're very fertile when you first come off the pill but I don't know if that's from experience or actual evidence.

marmitemofo Tue 23-Jun-15 13:52:06

Hi derby, I recently had the implant out (March) and also had no periods whilst it was in. I was told that I would get a period within a month; I got my first post-implant period about three weeks after removal.

The reason the timing of your first period can vary is that it depends on when you ovulate, and that varies. Theoretically you could ovulate the day of removal and then have a period 10-14 days after but most women don't ovulate straight away. I think there are a minority of women for whom their first period is a bit longer than a month after, but by the looks of it you're still in the 'normal' time frame since it hasn't been a month yet since it's been out.

Hope that helps!

marmitemofo Tue 23-Jun-15 13:53:01

p.s. forgot to say the nurse was probably referring to breakthrough bleeding, which doesn't happen to everyone (I got no breakthrough bleeding)

Derbygirl37 Tue 23-Jun-15 19:17:02

Thanks for all your advice everyone, I really appreciate it smile. I've got cramps at the moment so hopefully something it finally happening! grin xx

purplesnail Sat 27-Jun-15 19:42:57

Hi, had my implant out at the end of may, always had AF while had it and it was due 6 days after but came early.
I've had lots of pregnancy symptoms since cd16, af is due today and had cramps but no sign of it yet, dont think I'm pregnant it's got to be just hormones. Hope AF hurries up

Derbygirl37 Sun 28-Jun-15 10:04:46

Thanks for replying. My AF still hasn't come and it'll be four weeks tomorrow that I had the implant out. To be honest, I've never felt as poorly as I have since that thing was removed and I'll be so glad when my body finally gets back to normal xx

MrsRiggins Wed 01-Jul-15 19:40:44

Hello! smile I had my implant removed today, and like you Derbygirl37 had no periods during my 3yrs x 3 time with the implant. Funny how I felt really grateful to not have any AF for all those years, but now it can't come quickly enough.

I'm also feeling a little bit lost about how to approach TTC with no AF info. But found your info really helpful, marmitemofo, thanks!

As the implant prevents the egg from being released, if I do have AF in the next few weeks, is this likely to be a real period (and part of OV cycle) or more likely to be a pseudo-period (because there hasn't been an egg released)? x

Derbygirl37 Thu 02-Jul-15 15:02:27

Hi all, my AF came with a vengeance yesterday. I'm pleased because at least now I know what's happening and it'll be easier to plan when I'm ovulating, etc! xx

marmitemofo Thu 02-Jul-15 15:12:33

mrsriggins it depends... if you have a little bit of light bleeding very soon after the implant has been removed (i.e. 1 week or so), it's probably break through bleeding. If you have it say 3 weeks after and it seems as heavy as a normal period, I'd assume it was a 'real' period. I have heard of people getting pregnant before they even get their first period after the implant so your body does return to normal quite quickly I think!

MrsRiggins Fri 03-Jul-15 10:02:17

Thats great news Derbygirl37! Hope you start to feel less poorly as you get back into an OV cycle.

Thanks marmitemofo that does make sense.

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