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Clearblue Confusion.

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GoodbyeToAllOfThat Mon 22-Jun-15 11:08:27

Hi all, I've been doing clearblue for the past couple of weeks - got a flashing smiley on Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Today I got an error message and it wouldn't budge, so I bought a brand-new unit.

Then I tested and it was the zero sign! What does this mean, that I'm not ovulating?

I'd really appreciate someone's expert guidance. thanks!

WishUponAStar28 Mon 22-Jun-15 11:21:25

I used one of these and constantly had the 0 then out of the blue had the smiley face for 3 days... so I took it that i wasnt ovulating when i thought i should be.... still awaiting the results....

GoodbyeToAllOfThat Mon 22-Jun-15 11:32:01

Flashing smiley or solid?
I'm unreasonably upset about this, I need to get a grip.

WishUponAStar28 Mon 22-Jun-15 11:35:16

just a solid smiley... didn't realise they flashed too! I need to get a grip too as slightly late and everything is showing negative!

driftingclouds Mon 22-Jun-15 11:45:48

I only used this for one month as it was too expensive, but I did get quite a number of flashing days before the solid smiley face (maybe 4-5?). Can't help with the error message I'm afraid but for the new machine, my understanding is that it will always show a circle the first time you use it, regardless of what your levels are doing-it's like a baseline. This is why you have to start a few days before likely ov but also why some people jump straight from circle to solid face. Are you checking your temperature? I found that the best way to check if I was ovulating. Good luck!

saddlefish Mon 22-Jun-15 12:11:36

I had this one month and I gave them a ring . They said it was a faulty wand and sent me some extras in the post. It is small consolation as you may have missed this month because, as a previous user said, the first day is always a blank. test tomorrow anyway, you may go straight to a solid smiley. I ended up using internet cheap tests and found them just as reliable. Best of luck

GoodbyeToAllOfThat Mon 22-Jun-15 12:48:57

Phew, you guys have really made me feel better. So the zero is there regardless. I had three flashing smileys (last one yesterday) so even if I have a zero tomorrow it's possible I'm ovulating today.

Annoying that I've drawn my baseline on a peak day, though?

I've decided that if I get a negative this month I'll get a more serious fertility monitor next month, so I probably won't call Clearblue in any case.

thanks everyone!

GoodbyeToAllOfThat Mon 22-Jun-15 16:02:51

And now back to the flashing smiley face.
I really hope it's solid tomorrow, because that would be my fifth day of a flashing smiley.

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