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Trying to conceive after coming off the pill.

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Ashleighg71290 Sun 21-Jun-15 20:47:34

Hi smile,

I'm new to this site and have been reading the odd thread but sometimes it's good to vocalise your thoughts.

I came off the pill (cerazette) in January to TTC what is to be my first child and haven't been successful. YET.

After I came off the pill, I bled 2 weeks later and for the next couple of months I was having what was thought to be a 28 day cycle however in May I was 3 days later (my partner and I did start to wonder..) however the following month I was 2 days early so my cycles seem to be a little erratic.

Would you put this down to the pill now coming out of my system and therefore my chances are higher or is this something that happens? I had been on the pill for around 10 years and therefore cannot remember much before. I would greatly appreciate your comments on this and possibly make friends with people who are in a similar situation to share our journeys with.

Thanks in advance flowers

GraceGrape Sun 21-Jun-15 20:51:24

I'm not planning on having any more children so not in the same situation as you, but have been in the past. It can definitely take some time for your periods to settle after being on the pill. In fact, when I came off the pill I didn't even have a period for several months. Alternatively, it could be that you have a naturally irregular cycle. Can you remember what your cycle was like before you went on the pill? Either way, it's nothing to worry about. If you are keen to conceive quickly, you could try charting your temperature to give you an idea when you ovulate and if it's around the same time every month?

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