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TTC after Nexplanon and irregular Periods

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abski91 Sat 20-Jun-15 22:53:41

I have been on Nexplnon since feb 2013 i have had maybe 2 months worth of no period and rest was non stop.. i am havin the implant removed this week and was wondering if anyone has any experiences TTC after having it removed.. I never know when my period will be or how long it will last .. i never know when im going to ovulate etc .. I have three children already conceived quick enough etc but I have heard that many stories of people trying straight away and it resulted in early MC sad

marmitemofo Sun 21-Jun-15 07:54:31

Hi abski,

I had nexplanon removed in March after 14 months, I didn't have a period while on the implant. was advised to start TTC after my first period as if you get pregnant straight away its difficult to date as there is no last period. but I think lots of women TTC immediately and I've not heard about mc risk. I was advised to not have unprotected sex the week before removal as there is a slightly higher risk of ectopic pregnancy. you should be fine to TTC once its removed, as far as I know.

since having mine removed my periods have been irregular - 30 days and 24 days and I also have no idea when I ovulate! my periods have always been slightly irregular 27-31 days though, so perhaps its just that. I'm on cycle #3 and just starting to track my cycle to try to time it right!

sorry not sure if that's very helpful but thought I'd share my experience with you! good luck with TTC smile

abski91 Tue 07-Jul-15 10:59:37

hey thanks sorry for late reply im still learning how to use this lol .. yea i read about miscarrige risk im petrified .. i have irregular bleeding also .. i bled for the first 12 months of implant last month nothing theni had it removed bled for few days which is when i should have bled and now i have all same preg symptoms i did with my other three babas but i think im just going mad

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