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Purpletig Sat 20-Jun-15 19:19:21

Hi, I am TTC, my best mate has just told me she is pregnant, I am very happy for her but also struggling a bit with this news, am I being silly

Oysterbabe Sat 20-Jun-15 19:40:52

That's an entirely normal reaction to have. You'll get your baby so just try and focus on the happy for her part.

Purpletig Sat 20-Jun-15 20:32:12

Thank you, yes trying hard too x

Alex18123 Sat 20-Jun-15 23:25:37

Its natural to be envious. Your time will come though. Next month maybe!! Xx

RumAppleGinger Sat 20-Jun-15 23:46:40

Perfectly natural to feel it but try not to show it (as hard as it is).

I returned to work a few weeks after miscarrying to find two women on my team and a friend in another department had all announced their pregnancies. I smiled, congratulated them and then went and cried in the toilets. It was shit but it wasn't their fault. (And I've since had DS2 which makes it easier to look back on).

Emmalbae Sun 21-Jun-15 13:20:29

I understand . My sil has a 3.5 year old little boy and is 18/19 weeks pregnant again, very envious but it will be your time soon

Purpletig Mon 22-Jun-15 06:03:03

Thanks everyone, her and her Hubble came round for dinner and I feel much better and more positive today xxx

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