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The crazy symptom checker

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RJM104 Sat 20-Jun-15 06:40:49

Hi All, I have joined up because I would appreciate some support and advice.

I came off of Mycrogaenon last October 2014 after about 13 years on it and have been TTC since. My periods went straight back to a 27-28 cycle and nothing abnormal save they were heavier and I had worse PMS that during breakthrough bleeds.

My period was due 17/18th June and hasn't shown up. I have been mild cramping for about two weeks and my back is killing me. Tested on Thursday evening with a Clear Blue stick and got a negative and tested again this morning with a Clear Blue digital and still negative.

Now I'm just confused and worried I'm turning into a crazy symptom spotter. I want to be chilled about it but it's 6.30am on a Saturday and I am Googling ovarian cancer and early menopause symptoms! Any form of support gratefully received!

ClearlyMoo Sat 20-Jun-15 06:44:34

Hi don't worry it happens to most ppl TTC at somepoint everything gets hyper analysed. I tracked my temp whilst TTC and watched it go up and down with my cycle, so when it didn't (I can't remember if it is supposed to stay up or down you'll have to google) I knew there was a good chance I was pregnant and tested at 15dpo and got a BFP. One year old to show for it! I would highly recommend tracking your temp, there are apps to do it if you have a smart phone. It's too late for this cycle tho, you'll have to just ride it out until your period is one week late then do another test!

RJM104 Sat 20-Jun-15 06:55:31

Thanks, it's that awful thing when you just want to know one way or the other. I suppose I bought into the whole myth that as soon as you're a second late you can test. Will probably ride it out this week and test again next week (those poxy sticks are expensive!!) if still no AF. Oh and I may stop googling cancer and menopause symptoms as that's freaking me out!! blush

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