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Implantation bleeding?

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summeraupair Sat 20-Jun-15 00:39:54

So first of all should probably wave... I was around here on the buses a fair bit last year when I first came off Cerazette, then I had a 7 week bleed that landed me in hospital and I just couldn't come online afterwards, it just hurt too much to see everyone getting BFPs while I couldn't even DTD. I think I'm over it now and could do with some hand-holding...

Has anyone had implantation bleeding before? I'm on CD22 now and have been having spotting for 3 days. I've been pretty regular for the past 6 months with 27 or 28 day cycles. Never had this before. Could it be implantation? TMI: it's nowhere near as heavy as my usual AF and I've not had any cramps (usually I'm writhing around with a hot water bottle bellowing for drugs) I usually ovulate relatively early in my cycle, around CD9 or 10 if that helps, and I've got (TMI again) cervical ectropion.

I gave into temptation and POAS this morning, obviously BFN but it's so early to be testing.

Thank you so much in advance if anyone has any stories or information about this, half the internet seems completely polarised over it and I'm so confused. And, obviously, reeeeall impatient because it'll probably all become clear in a few days anyway!!

Oysterbabe Sat 20-Jun-15 06:28:48

I think spotting for 3 days sounds like too much to be implantation bleeding. When these threads pop up the poster rarely turns out to be pregnant, usually it's just some weird and frustrating quirk in their cycle. Wait a few days though and test again. FX!

SheWhoMustBe Sat 20-Jun-15 06:48:27

I don't want to give you false hope but - I definitely had implantation bleeding, it lasted 2-3 days (Wednesday eve to Friday morning), I thought it was AF 5 days early. It was lighter than AF but needed a tampon - then it just stopped. So on the first day my period was actually due (the following Monday) I got a BFP...she's 14 months old now. smile. So - it definitely is a real thing for some people. But no one can tell if that's what you have, you'll need to hold out til you can do a test in a few days (so hard, I know....). I really hope it is though, I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!

Foreverconfused Sat 20-Jun-15 07:04:41

I definitely had implantation bleeding with both my kids ,and spotted throughout most of my early pregnancies. Because son was unplanned I thought it was a period !!
Also , my cervix became very sensitive so bled often due to that.
Good luck smile

EmFlat Sat 20-Jun-15 07:22:53

Hi Summer et al smile

Hopping onto this thread as I'm hoping against hope for the same thing as you... been ttc a few months now, this month been dtd every other day since end of last period. My cycle is erratic so if the pinkish post-loo wipe last night which turned into red this morning is implantation bleeding, I'll be over the moon! Or I'm just clutching at straws sad

I've also read that IB can vary hugely, some say it's like the first day of their period for a few days straight, so will keep my fingers crossed that yours isn't AF!

summeraupair Sat 20-Jun-15 12:56:55

Thank you all and fingers crossed for you emflat with the similar thing! This waiting business is so frustrating... I love being super-organised and being able to plan everything but this is the one thing I can't control and I think it's driven me potty!

EmFlat Sat 20-Jun-15 15:35:32

Heheh, you sound like me ;)

Pretty sure mine's dear old Flo, it's the right time as cd27, though I'm really emotional today! Don't normally get that :/

Oh well, fx for us both! Stay positive chick xxx

WorldsBiggestGrotbag Sat 20-Jun-15 15:38:14

I had implantation bleeding with this pregnancy (DC2). It wasn't planned so I wasn't tracking ovulation, didn't know when my last period was etc but had a light bleed for a day and assumed it was a light period as id just finished breastfeeding. A week later it suddenly occurred to be it had been very light and nothing else had come of it, took a test and was pregnant.

summeraupair Mon 22-Jun-15 23:15:14

Feel like I should update seeing as people were nice enough to reply to me - I had four days of spotting, then yesterday it was like day 2 of a proper period, fairly heavy, little bit of cramping and a few biggish clots. Now it's calmed down to the point of almost nothing again and it feels like someone's poking me in the nipples with something fizzy. Haven't done a test for a couple of days but I'm starting to assume that if this was anything, it was a chemical pregnancy if even that sad

Absolutely hate not knowing what's going on with my own bloody body, at least with the Cerazette life was period-free and simple!!

EmFlat Wed 24-Jun-15 23:17:14

Hey Summer, sorry I didn't see this until today! How you feeling?

AF has just ended today so it looks like I'm back to DTD every other day... tho I said we'd have a month off as we're moving soon. Oh well, I'd only wonder 'what if' if we didn't try this month! ;)

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