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TTC with PCOS...hope needed

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StarDustS Fri 19-Jun-15 15:30:10

Hi All

Ok so I thought I’d start a thread as i haven’t come across one like this yet (maybe I’ve just missed it! sorry)

SO here is my story - I have been TTC for just over 2 years now with no joy sad ... I had been diagnosed with PCOS when I was about 18 ( now 29) and have always had irregular periods circa 30-37 days! I was put on metphormin to help regulate but unfortunately it has not worked sad but told to continue taking it as it should work eventually! sad

So every month when my period is late I get excited only to be disappointed… I am using the CBFM in order to try and know when I ovulate however this month has been one of the worst! Back in May we were referred by my GP to a fertility clinic for potential IVF and had our first appointment on 5th May and was told I need to have a HSG and Trans-vaginal scan of ovaries to ensure they give me the correct fertility treatment BUT these scans need to happen 10-14 days after AF. So since I had a AF on April 19th I was waiting for one to appear.. And I’m still waiting its now June and no AF! You here of stories of couples being refereed and then suddenly get pregnant so I thought maybe It was my time… I took 6 pregnancy tests over the last 3 weeks all BFN and so then I googled some more and some people say maybe check if I have ovulated so off to Tesco I went and bought some OPK test and guess what strong 2 lines (this was now 2 weeks late period based on a 37 day cycle) so you can see my confusion! I took one for the next 3 days to just be sure and exactly the same result. I then went to the doctors and requested a HCG blood test which resulted in a BFN. Devastated now and no idea what is going on… I decided to call the fertility clinic and explain the situation and request a scan. So I had the trans-vaginal scan to check ovaries on Wed 17th and was told that my womb looks healthy and if they didn’t know I didn’t have a period since 19th April they would assume I was day 14 of a cycle! WTF and to top it I’m not ovulating. And that my ovaries have small cysts not big ones so they not sure why my hormones all over the place.

So I have decided to take things into my own hands.. I will stop taking the metphormin and take evening primrose oil instead. I will also be trying to loose weight as I’ve heard this could be an issue. I have my HSG booked in on 23rd June and hope that if that is all clear they will put me on Clomid.

Sorry for the long post! But I would like to know if there are any other ladies out there who are either in a similar situation as me currently or if you have a success story of PCOS and getting pregnant… need some hope.. as this is really making me depressed I feel like I’m broken women from inside sad

chandelierswinger Fri 19-Jun-15 17:45:14

Hi StarDust You're not alone... In fact we have a lovely thread going (TTC with PCOS thread #2) with some fabulous ladies all in the same boat smile Come and say hi!
And, to give you some hope, I'm ttc my third child, so it can be done grin

StarDustS Fri 19-Jun-15 23:52:44

Oh how amazing and I'll swing by and say hello smile

Thank you!

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