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Advice/ experience with alternative therapies reflexology/ acupuncture

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LemonadeGirl08 Fri 19-Jun-15 14:53:45

Hello, everyone I'm new to here but I'm hoping for a bit of advice from anyone who's tried alternative therapies. We've been TTC for 18 months and I am really struggling to stay positive. We have been referred to a fertility specialist but the appointment is not for a few months. So in an effort to take things in to my own hands I was thinking about trying alternative therapies (again). I have tried both acupuncture and reflexology in the past but they seemed to mess my cycle around so I'm not really sure what to do for the best. Has anyone else found this? Or does anyone have any experience or success with acupuncture?

This whole ttc experience is so frustrating I just wish I could do something to help things along but on the other had I don't want to waste my money and mess up my cycle....

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