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TTC Help???!

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Emilymo93 Thu 18-Jun-15 19:58:24

Me and my husband have been TTC since August 2014. I was due to start my AF 15 days ago but still no sign! I started feeling different about 2 days before it was due and it never came! I've had so many symptoms too, sore tender breasts, nausea, tiredness etc. I have now taken 6 tests but all have been negative! Any ideas? I'm so confused!

Emilymo93 Thu 18-Jun-15 19:59:38

Also, I forgot to mention I am usually so regular! I think 1 day is the latest I've ever been!

PotteringAlong Thu 18-Jun-15 20:00:58

I'd go to see your gp and ask for blood tests just in case.

5hell Thu 18-Jun-15 21:33:00

sounds possible you're pg. what type of tests are you taking? levels of hcg naturally vary quite a bit in early pregnancy so a more sensitive test might show something.
as pottering said, a test at your gp might help, and they can give you some proper advice if it's still neg.

fingers crossed for you

Emilymo93 Thu 18-Jun-15 21:41:34

I've tried some own brand tests, first response and clear blue. I am testing every other day. Going to see doctor on Monday if AF still hasn't arrived! I just wish I could get a positive test...I definately feel different this month. Just don't know if I'm wanting a positive so badly that my body is acting pregnant even though I'm not!

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