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First Vue Ovulation Test Strips...use for PG tests too?

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TheseAreTheBestDaysOfMyLife Thu 18-Jun-15 19:37:04

I've only got one PG test left, so decided on the spur of the moment about 10 mins ago to pee on an ovulation test strip just to of the ones from poundland. We are TTC and am due AF early next week.

I'm sure I've read somewhere that these test strips can be used for pregnancy testing too as they're v sensitive...or have I dreamt this up??

For the first time ever I've had a faint line, but it's definitely a line, my DH has confirmed it too! Trying not to get my hopes up!

Oysterbabe Thu 18-Jun-15 20:43:43

A faint line on an ovulation test is not a positive result unfortunately. There are always low levels of lh in your system so it will be detecting that. If it's too early for a positive on a pregnancy test then an ovulation test won't detect the hcg either. Hope you get your positive soon though! x

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