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Anyone had a positive OPK but negative hpt but went on to be pregnant?

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makingmiracles Thu 18-Jun-15 13:41:21

so, bd'd at the correct time according to a positive opk back on 6th, had very low (implantation?) cramps all day on 13th that carried on until the evening of the 14th, af is due this sat, neg hpts so far but for a crack I decided to poa-opk this morning and its come up positive.

I know opk aren't a reliable indicator of pregnancy but other half commented that boobs look bigger Monday and since then ive had sore breasts radiating from my armpits.

anyone else have positive opks for a few days before getting a bfp?

Oysterbabe Thu 18-Jun-15 14:22:04

If there's enough hormone for an opk to work then a pregnancy test should too.
Maybe someone will be along to tell me I'm wrong shortly though.

makingmiracles Thu 18-Jun-15 14:28:20

they pick up different things though don't they, opk detect LH and hpts HCG. just wondering why im having a LH surge before af due. don't have pcos or anything and normally have a textbook 28dc ov day 14

Oysterbabe Thu 18-Jun-15 14:32:30

opks also detect hcg, they have a similar structure. That's why they can work as a hpt. It's normal to have a bit of an lh surge around the time AF is due but this isn't a sign of pregnancy.

makingmiracles Thu 18-Jun-15 14:32:56

btw, ive never gotten a positive opk at this point in my cycle, I see faint lines from about day12 of cycle, pos day 14 then normally the rest of cycle if I test with opk its completely negative, not even faint lines.
Just a bit confused!

TheseAreTheBestDaysOfMyLife Thu 18-Jun-15 19:48:48

Hi MakingMiracles,
I've just posted something similar, before coming across your post!
Also feeling a bit confused, only got one PG test, going to try in the morning. What about you?

BabyBumpHopeful Thu 18-Jun-15 20:07:57

You can trick your body into seeing all kids of signs. My first TWW was insane. I "spotted" so many signs, including extremely sensitive nipples (even DH noticed), cramping out the wazoo, nausea etc. I was never pregnant though (and never got a +'ve HPT).

As the PP said, you get all kinds of surges throughout a cycle. Also each cycle, like each pregnancy, is different. So while you don't "normally" get a line on an OPK this late, it's still possible. Not to mention it's dependent on when you take it and how hydrated you are.

All that said, it's still early so wait until Saturday before testing with a FRER. *Fingers Crossed*

makingmiracles Thu 18-Jun-15 20:51:50

Yes I know, although I only just had another baby last year(not mine!) so the memory around conception is still quite fresh in my mind! I haven't any other "symptoms", just fuller breasts that hurt from the armpit. just curious why ive had a lh surge now on day 26hmm ah well we shall see I suppose. I have lots of early tests over from last time so will just test again tomorrow and if not bfp then wait to see if af arrives over the weekend. what about you TheseAreTheBestDaysOfMyLife ?

TheseAreTheBestDaysOfMyLife Sat 20-Jun-15 09:02:55

Hi makingmiracles
I've had two BFN's since - yesterday morning and this morning
Both using a FRER, AF is due Wed so will have to wait and see...
Have you POAS again yesterday or this morning?

willitbe Sat 20-Jun-15 12:38:28

In this link I have put information and links to the science-y things, previously about getting positive opk's just before your period is due, hence why opk's cannot be used as HPT's. If you are getting a true positive (ie test line as dark as or darker than control line) opk, due to pregnancy, then you will also get a positive (any second line even if faint) on a pregnancy test.

I had this a while back, as I normally would not get a second positive LH opk test just before my period but not pregnant, where normally I would at most get only a faint line just before my period. It can and does happen randomly! You don't have to have pcos or anything.

Hope you get your real hpt positive soon!

TheseAreTheBestDaysOfMyLife Fri 26-Jun-15 14:15:05

Hi Makingmiracles
Any update? Still no sign of AF for me, last time I POAS was Sunday which was BFN...

barristerbump Mon 13-Mar-17 16:00:48

Hi makingmiracles- I came across your feed because I have EXACTLY the same thing. Positive OPK and swollen boobs that are very sensitive on the sides to armpits. Due AF in 3 days. Did you get a BFP in the end?

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