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Could I get pregnant

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Jlb5686 Thu 18-Jun-15 11:01:17

Hi.just after some advice. We already have 3 children and don'tdon't realy want anymore. Anyway we had a mistake and had unprotected sex on Tues night, I'm 99%sure I ovulated on Sunday night/early hours Mon morning.could the sperm atil have been alive? I've read they can live up to 7 days? Has anyone fallen pregnant with sperm this old or is it really rare?
I mean it would be a disaster but not the plan? Thanx

crassula Thu 18-Jun-15 11:23:29

It is possible, yes.

Here's an excerpt from an article where the researcher found that sometimes sperm can live for 10 days after sex.

The link to the original article doesn't work, but if you google around a bit you'll find that it mentions that the World Health Organisation did some research that found that around 10% of women become pregnant after sex 7 or more days prior to ovulation.

According to Chamberlain, there's no source to show that pregnancy is most likely to occur after sex 1 - 3 days prior to ovulation, although that's what most people are told.

crassula Thu 18-Jun-15 11:23:53

Sorry - forgot the link:

Jlb5686 Thu 18-Jun-15 11:29:32

Ow thank you for replying. Ye I found that article on google, just not sure if its really rare. I guess time will tell. I only came off the pill a few weeks ago. My only worry is that I fell pregnant with my 2nd child on pre cum so know hubby is pretty fertile. (Sorry tmi). Its our own silly fault, but what will be will be. X

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