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Iwonderif Wed 17-Jun-15 11:13:38

Sunday's & Monday's are pale as I was only on cycle day 7&8. I did them though as I wanted to see the difference. I've got my usual very painful throbbing in left side and it feels like a dinosaur egg is about to be pushed through! But no EWCM. Why is yesterday's strip darker than today's? I'm only on cycle day 10. Me and DH have had 3 children & I've never really done charting/temperature taking. Currently we are not actively TTC but if we do decide to go for it in the next few months I'd like to have a heads up & at 36 I'm curious to see whether my body is doing what it used to. If that makes sense? I thought today's stick and tomorrow's would be really obvious in terms of both lines being very strong in colour. Sorry if I sound foolish. Thanks in advance.

Rememberallball Wed 17-Jun-15 16:29:24

Hi, some months my opks are only strong on one day so it is possible that you caught the peak of LH surge yesterday and, by today, it's diminished again. Also, be aware that a LH surge doesn't always result in an egg release. Try buying a bbt thermometer (about £5 from Amazon) and download an app such as fertility friend then combine opks with temping as you should get a temp spike after ovulation which would coincide with having had an LH surge.

Iwonderif Wed 17-Jun-15 18:03:10

Thank you Rememberallball. Will think about getting the thermometer if we do seriously decide to go for number 4. I thought with the horrendous mittlesmertz (sp) I get most months that was a sign of the egg release?

Vap0 Wed 17-Jun-15 23:02:21

Hi iwonder, how long is your cycle normally? You could just be ovulating early? After the surge you tend to ovulate somewhere between 6-24 hrs after I think.
Sorry I can't be much help.
Good luck flowers

Iwonderif Thu 18-Jun-15 07:42:20

Thanks Vap. My cycles range from 25-33. That's why I've tried this whole peeing on a stick to see when I actually do ovulate. The usual OV pain isn't there today and no EWCM do I don't think I've ovulated this month??? Who knows!! wink

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