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Healthy meals for TTC

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artylady14 Tue 16-Jun-15 09:15:00

Morning all. I don't know about you but reading about all the different food and drinks that are helpful for TTC is overwhelming so I am trying to find dishes to combine them all. I have started to make Bircher muesli this week to include various things that are recommended. I really liked it so thought I would share:

Soak porridge over night in either milk or juice. I then add: black sesame seeds (from Oriental supermarket) or other seeds, bee pollen, some crushed nuts, fruit, cinnamon and manuka honey.

I also bought some Fertilitea from Amazon as it has green tea and nettle tea in it which are both recommended before ovulation. Does anyone have any yummy dishes that they are eating whilst TTC?

5hell Wed 17-Jun-15 09:34:41

To be honest I'm just trying to make sure we both eat a well balanced and varied diet, so fish 2x/week, some vegetarian days, range of meats, pulses, minimal over-processed foods, lots of veg, fruit, whole grains etc. Also keeping well hydrated and trying (but failing) to reduce diet coke/pepsi max intake ..oops! oh and pre-natal vits of course.
after my recent mc i started looking at nutrition for fertility etc, but felt most of it was just essentially saying "eat really healthily"

so no special fertility recipes to share i'm afraid, i did make this at the weeknd which was delicious though! smile

good luck - have you been ttc long?

artylady14 Wed 17-Jun-15 18:11:17

Thanks 5hell for your reply. I have been trying for quite a while. My husband won't eat fish or seafood and eats meat practically every day. I have tried so hard to convince him to have some meat free days but it's hard as he is a hardened meat eater and says he needs to eat it to feel full when he goes out for work lunches every day. The lamb dish looks lovely. Jamie Oliver is my absolute favourite chef. All his dishes are great.

5hell Thu 18-Jun-15 20:58:49

think you could sneak in some quorn perhaps? wink
my dh used to be similar, but unless he really hates x, if i'm cooking he gets what i choose and vice versa. it's irritating if they won't even try something though!

we have quite a few smoothies (nutribullet), dh eats lots of eggs and we try to have not much carb in the evening. on the bright side if your dh is eating lots of meat, protein is meant to be good for sperm quality it think

the only other thing food-wise i find helps ttc is not eating too much - there's nothing like feeling bloated and full to put you off dtd!

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