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Diagnosed with Subclinical Graves Disease

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jpvin Mon 15-Jun-15 18:15:14

smile Hello Dear folks @ mumsNet,
I have recently been diagnosed with Sub-clinical Hyperthyroidism shock due to Graves Disease - and i have been told my endo that i should not TTC until levels of TSH stabilize.
All #s in my bloodwork except for TSH is off. I feel absolutely great and no side effects of Graves.
I am 34 and I donot want to wait too long.

I am methimizole (10mg ) and I am also doing alternate therapies as yoga and natural medicine to try to bring the TSH up.

If any of you gone through pregnancy and Graves, can you please describe your experience ? I am completely spooked by the worst case scenarios outcomes of Graves disease and pregnancy and I want to believe that it is not true.

I want to TTC but I am very scared! sad


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