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Every symptom going, AF late but BFN

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Totstv67 Sun 14-Jun-15 21:29:55

I feel a bit of a cheat as I'm not actually ttc. However, after a bit of advice. My cycles usually last between 22-25 days, I'm currently on CD27 so late. I've had nausea (travel sickness bands have helped), very very very sore itchy boobs, cramping, constipation (sorry tmi), I've been crampy but when this happens it's just a short spell - on the day AF was due I had pink spotting (only a couple of times when I wiped - sorry tmi again) and the same the next day, I've had backache and have also been very tired. Also in the run up to missed AF I felt very wet below which is unusual for me but I've since been dry-ish - cervix is really high and closed and almost at an angle (facing the side) - not sure if this means anything. But, I've tested a lot - had a very very faint pos on a first response but put it down to an evaporation as I've only had BFNs since. Has anybody experienced anything similar and eventually had their AF show? Feel like I'm in limbo as would prefer to know either way!

shannonb94x Sat 20-Jun-15 09:54:39

Hi how are you getting on? Are you pregnant? smile

jennn8192 Sat 20-Jun-15 10:31:12

In the same boat sad have you had AF or BFP yet hun? x

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