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Life post-Nexplanon and TTC - experiences and hand holding please!

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ktkaye Sun 14-Jun-15 20:04:47

Hi all, a quick Google has found me a bit of info on this but none of it is that recent and I guess I'm just after a bit of reassurance/ hand holding from anyone else who has experienced life post Nexplanon.

I came off the implant nearly three months ago and apart from some very slight spotting last week haven't had a period at all. Or any other symptoms if I'm
honest. I didn't have any periods whilst on Nexplanon (for 5.5 years then the pill 8 years before that) but was told by the Dr who removed my implant that I could expect my period to return within a month. Still sat here waiting and although I know it takes a while for things to go back to normal I can't help worrying that something is wrong - why would I get a tiny bit of spotting and then nothing? My hormones in terms of feeling weepy etc have returned though - making it all seem worse!!

Once my cycles are back we will TTC#1 but for now oh and I are using protection so not pg (and trust me.. I have tested haha!). Opk all negative too.
Any experiences/ advice gratefully received x

ktkaye Wed 17-Jun-15 19:28:14


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