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2ww killing me with good chart?

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MrsPCR Sun 14-Jun-15 09:10:17

I almost just feel like I need to share to get it out of my system.

Third month temping, but first vaginally as mouth open sleeper. First 2 months was sick or had tonsillitis so their temperatures are not great anyway.

This month I was so pleased as if nothing else it would be a good month to compare. Then I got 2 higher temps suggesting triphasic, the ofsted ruined my temps! Grr; however back to accurate now and have remained high.

Currently 13dpo after BFN yesterday. I knew 12 was early and I know you're not out until AF but I feel out and really disappointed when I had such a good chart (I think?) I feel like my body is just being really cruel to me. I don't mind not being pregnant (ish) but can't stand the tricks.

I can imagine all of the other early pregnancy signs and am desperately trying to ignore any or can put it down to Ofsted. But I didn't make up the spotting and temp 24hr temp dip 8dpo last month and I can't have made up the temps this month. I was sooo disappointed when AF arrived last month.

Basically, I feel frustrated at the tricks your body can play when ttc. Never mind the mind tricks! Anyone else's bodies physically wind them up like this??

Oysterbabe Sun 14-Jun-15 10:16:17

Mine did it all the time. Lovely charts looking just as they should then suddenly temp falling through the floor and AF starting that day. I thought I was pregnant from the symptoms I had every single month. It's torture.
The month I got my bfp my chart looked rubbish, really low temps in the days before AF was due.

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