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Pregnancy test advice! I need help!

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Kayxo Fri 12-Jun-15 03:52:01

I am 1 day late for AF - although the witch doesnt always turn up on time! I took a first response test a few days ago (blue cross test), it was negative, but then i looked at it again a few hours it had a very very faint, thin second line. Not sure thats valid. But anyways, i took another test today (a test strip), and about 4 minutes, it had half of a little line, it is definetely pink though. Only half and very thin. Whats the chances this could be my BFP? Anyone had the same experience or am i going crazy??

BugPlaster Fri 12-Jun-15 04:03:49

It could be bfp but I wouldn't trust a result left longer than the instructions either....but you will doing another test, won't you? Don't think I'd be able to help myself. Obviously, putting it off a day will help you chances of getting a clearer result. Can you wait a bit? Excited for you.

Oysterbabe Fri 12-Jun-15 08:17:22

Sounds like a bfp to me. Test again tomorrow!

Kayxo Fri 12-Jun-15 11:20:14

I took a clear blue digital test today - bfn ��

Rememberallball Fri 12-Jun-15 12:03:51

Digital tests can be very late to show +ve as I don't think they're the most sensitive available. Blue line tests are also notorious for evap lines so I'd discount the test you looked at hours later.

I'd try to get a 10iu/ml test which shows pink dye such as an First Response Early Response test and try again with your first wee of the day after a few hours sleep.

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