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IVF soon..

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butterflyFairy1 Thu 11-Jun-15 18:10:03

Hi all.

Don't really know the reason why I'm writing this post, I just feel like I need to "get it out of my system".

I'm starting IVF soon, hopefully my first appointment will be on the 1st July. Just sent back registration forms, so it's become even more real..!!

I'm worried sick in case it doesn't work, I'm excited because I can't wait to be a mum - it's all I've ever wanted, and I'm nervous because of the miscarriage I had at 11wks in October.

There's so many signs everywhere - Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test with weeks indicator adverts keep popping up on Facebook, I've overheard three people in this week at work say that they're pregnant or about their pregnancy (they're early on because they're not showing), and people keep announcing their pregnancies on Facebook, too.

I'm seeing a Medium a week on Saturday, so I'm excited to see what he says.. But I'll be so heartbroken if he doesn't mention it, as he picked up on my miscarriage two months after it happened when I saw him!

Anybody want to make me feel better? sad lol!

Thanks ladies. X

butterflyFairy1 Thu 11-Jun-15 21:56:12

Anyone want to ease my mind?! Lol

LolaStarr Thu 11-Jun-15 22:05:10

Can't offer any advice or anything, just wanted to say best of luck, keeping everything crossed for you! So exciting! grin

butterflyFairy1 Fri 12-Jun-15 21:48:54

Thank you LolaStarr!!! I'm so excited and can't wait to start!!!

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