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Egg Donation - Hewitt Centre, Liverpool

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chardiebum69 Tue 09-Jun-15 20:35:17

After seeing our consultant yesterday, we were advised that the only possible way of us having a family would be through Egg Donation. He advised that there would be a 2 year waiting list if we were to go with the Hewitt Centre otherwise it would be a much quicker process, should we consider Egg Donation abroad - in North Cyprus.

I am interested to hear from others who have been advised / experienced these options - we need to make a decision and are unsure whether to consider this option and what the implications are. I am also interested to hear whether this is legitimate??

ASmallKate Wed 10-Jun-15 12:37:55

I highly recommend CRMcare London. They have a system where people wanting IVF get free treatment by offering half their eggs to someone needing egg donation. They work hard to match people, they screen very carefully, they give you a choice about who you agree to take eggs from, and they are fabulously supportive. Their success rates are pretty amazing. I think I waited 6-8 months (NHS was offering a 3-5 year wait). The rather large snag is cost, but I'd give them a call to discuss...

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