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TTC first baby at 37, just taken last Pill... Here we go!

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Margo5 Mon 08-Jun-15 22:39:30

I have been with dh for 12 years, married for 5. After many years we have finally decided we are ready for a baby, both exciting and scary!
Been on the pill since I was 18, firstly microgynon and then for past 2 yrs Cerelle. Just taken my last one... Finding it all a bit scary as read some bad things about coming off the Pill especially Cerelle! Ho hum, what will be will be bring it on!
I am a bit of a control freak but my dh is determined not to turn this into a 'scientific experiment'. I really want a spring baby but realise it could take longer than a few months to conceive.
Thought it would be nice to share experiences with others in their mid/late 30's ttc their first baby having just come off the Pill...

mrschatty Tue 09-Jun-15 19:38:25

Some ladies it happens straight away- some take a while. And from a fellow control freak trust me it's going to drive you mad if you don't get pg in the time frame you have set in your mind.
I came off the pic Dec 2013 I was 23. Been on the pill mycrogynon and Yasmin 5 years. First BFP may 2015. (I know I'm not your desired age group but the bump might help)
This nay be a long journey it may be a quick one- I really hope it's a quick one for you and DH can't wait to hear how you get on! Good luck and happy shagging

LolaStarr Tue 09-Jun-15 22:07:44

Best of luck, hope you get your bfp soon! smile

MrsPCR Tue 09-Jun-15 22:27:05

My periods went straight back to normal after a year on cerelle. First cycle 33 days then 28 days since. Fingers crossed yours will be similar! Think you might need to forget the spring baby if you want it next year. If you fell this month, your due date would be late March!

Good luck!

glam11 Tue 09-Jun-15 22:58:07

Hi! I'm a MN virgin, having just joined tonight! I'm 35 and not ttc right now but plan on coming off pill (microgynon) next month after holiday, and after being on it since age of 16, I'm a bit scared of what this shock will do to my body (and mind lol!). Obv looking forward to ttc, but I too am a bit of a control freak & like to plan ahead, so I'm often daydreaming about my 2016 baby, when in reality this may not happen until 2017+ - if at all (I'm also a worrier!). Hopefully we will both be lucky! smile

Badleg Wed 10-Jun-15 11:35:26

Good luck everyone.

I am a long time mumsnet lurker. I saw this post and I am 37 and trying to conceive no 1.

My story is a bit long winded. I have been trying to conceive for over 4 years. I have learnt the one thing you don't have control over is conceiving! I have given up trying to control it. In fact given up hope of having a baby. However an MRI 2 weeks ago for back pain flagged up a fibroid and an appointment with a gyneocologist (private healthcare) which in turn flagged up endometriosis and adayomiosis and an laperoscopy on Saturday. The consultant has given me hope and said there is absolutely no reason I can't conceive naturally. I am over the moon and the happiest I have been in a long time.

My GP hasn't been supportive nor my local NHS. We were just about to borrow money to pay for private investigations but as the fibroids and endo had a negative impact on my life I managed to get the treatment using my private healthcare and the consultant kindly also flushed my tubes whilst in there!

I am hoping for a BFP by the end of the year!

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