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How long after MC until AF returns??

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shannonb94x Mon 08-Jun-15 17:04:51

I sadly had a MC 7 weeks ago today, i tested negative only 3 days later so was told hormones were back to normal, my baby only measure 4w6d at scan (should of been 9) so was told baby had stopped progressing. About a week ago i had all the pregnancy symptoms- nausea, sore boobs, mood swings the lot! Done a test & 2 lines came up, but after the recommened time (came up at 7, instead of 3).. Iv been told by the nurse to do another pregnancy test but get disheartened every time i see a -. I want to just wait out & see when my AF will appear, but have no idea when! My orignal doctor said within 2 weeks (weird i know) then the nurse said within 8. Apart from slight back ache, iv had no other symptoms that AF is coming! But also know lower back ache is also an early pregnancy symptom. Iv got so many questions with so little answers! Id LOVE to be expecting again, but cant bring myself to do another test. So just thought id see if anyone had had any experiences? How long until you came on after MC?

Any advice would be grateful, however little smile please do share!

sizethree Mon 08-Jun-15 17:15:13

I'm so sorry you lost your baby, Miscarriages are so heartbreaking. Really sorry you're going through this.
In my experience, my period returned 5 weeks after my miscarriage.
The fact that you're getting a - shows there no HCG and therefore you'll be ovulating again soon.
It's iften recommended to wait a cycle before trying to conceive again (as it's easier to date the next pregnancy and IT gives you a bit more time to heal emotionally) but you can fall pregnant with no period inbetween.
I started using digital ovulation tests to check my most fertile days to help me conceive faster, which if you're as impatient as me is a good help!
Again so sorry you're going through this shitty time. It will get better I promise. X

shannonb94x Mon 08-Jun-15 17:33:58

Im just so confused atm. I forgot to say that i had more than 1 positive tests (after my negative) but after the recommended time. I done literally 4/5. Could they have all been evap lines maybe? I will probably give in & do a test in the morning. Just wish in some dream world the doctor could say 'you will come on in x days' how lovely would that be!! Thank you for your reply & im sorry for your loss sizethree flowers

Helloall1 Mon 08-Jun-15 17:54:38

Hi ladies

So sorry for your loss x

I had an ectopic a few weeks back, bled for a week whilst in hospital; which I presume was down to surgery etc. Then AF 27 days later, now AF 24 days.

I'm usually exactly 28 days, so I sort of got my hopes up that the start of this one was implantation bleeding due to be being early but not to be.

It's all very confusing and heartbreaking, I wish you both the best of luck x

sizethree Mon 08-Jun-15 17:56:30

It's possible for the HCG hormone to stay in your system for a few weeks after your miscarriage, as it drops daily. If you did a test with concentrated urine, like first thing in the morning, the lone could still show up. But in order for you to start ovulating again your HCG levels need to reach zero.
Hopefully it won't take too long. And doctors akways say that you're most fertile after a pregnancy loss, so fingers crossed you'll have a sucessful pregnancy very soon.

shannonb94x Mon 08-Jun-15 18:14:53

I already had a negative after my MC so know my hormones went back to normal (which docs confirmed too) smile but thank you for both of your replies flowers

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