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Cycle all over place should I see Dr?

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Figster Mon 08-Jun-15 16:38:38


Af wasn't due to start until Friday but has come on full force today and it's starting to worry me.

Until the last year I have always been a 28 day cycle girl could set your watch by it, since the last year or so it's gone from anything between 24 days and 33 days. Today is day 23!!!!!

I had ds at 30 after casually trying for 6 weeks, I got pg at 32 after 1 night of carefreeness which ended in early mc (approx 6weeks) now at 34 dh and I been ttc for 6 months and no luck. We'd been arrogantly putting it off as thought we were a shoe in for a quick pg but haven't been lucky yet. With my cycle being so inconsistent I'm not sure when I'm most fertile anymore and I'm starting to worry there might be an issue here.

At what point would people think I go see Dr to discuss? I had some blood tests earlier in year as have been susceptible to every cough and cold going and they also tested hormone levels and there was nothing indicated and if I went back agIn I wouldn't know where to start with questions.

Has anyone any advice as I know 6 months is nothing in terms of ttc but my dh is 40 I don't have him onside for years of ttc and I can feel great sadness creeping in every month that its just not happening hmm

smellsofelderberries Tue 09-Jun-15 13:52:43

Are you using OPKs or charting at all? If not, then start. That way when you go to the dr you can take some evidence of exactly what's happening. It will also show weather you're actually ovulating or not and if your lutal phase is long enough to support a pregnancy. Sorry I can't be more help

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