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Help me please!!!

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Kayxo Mon 08-Jun-15 03:47:26

Hi, i am currently 10dpo (according to the ovulation calender), i had just bought ovulation tests, and i wanted to see how they worked, so i tried one out it came up positive (i think), so i tried another one today, and i think its also positive. My periods are regular. And i'm really confused. What can this mean? I have attached a photo of the test. Please help. Any advice is good advice (im new to ttc).

Thank you,
Kay xx

Chintaria Mon 08-Jun-15 11:52:53

Have you tried taking a pregnancy test? I'm not sure why but apparently you can get positive OPK's if you're pregnant.
Good luck!

Kayxo Mon 08-Jun-15 15:27:44

I think im going to wait until AF arrives/doesnt arrive. I just feel like this is my month. You know? Strange! Im trying not to get my hopes up. Thank you!x

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