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does this sound like pcos?

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emmiscles Sun 07-Jun-15 15:23:02

my last six cycles have been these lengths 44 42 38 41 37 35 which I am quite concerned about as the range 35-44 is quite a large range not just a few days.
in 2013 i lost my cycles for a year I was 19 at the time and i had a blood test done which showed a slightly high lh level but everything else i was tested for came back normal even though i cant remember the exact hormones that i was tested for.
some other background info. im normal weight, no excess hair acne etc, no family history of fertility issues that i know off, i dont drink, i dont smoke, i dont take drugs, i started my periods aged ten they where very heavy and painful and i used to leak even with overnight pads now i barely get any blood at night.

i am terrified i will never ever conceive. all my doctor said was it could be pcos try for a year sad so not very helpful their.
do i sound like i could have pcos literally the only symptom i have is wonky cycles.
would my bloods be more dodgy then if i had pcos?
i really need some help to calm down as im spending every waking moment dreading the fact i might never conceive?

emmiscles Sun 07-Jun-15 15:58:11


RoseBud2015 Sun 07-Jun-15 16:29:00

Doesn't sound like you have any symptoms of PCOS at all. Your cycles sounds very regular and barely 'wonky' at all!
I have PCOS and never have AF unless it is brought on by meds. I also never over! My cycles are non existent..... if I had cycles between 33 and 44 days I would be elated!
I would say it sounds like you just need to relax a little and carry on DTD regularly.

RoseBud2015 Sun 07-Jun-15 16:29:57

Over = ov!

MemyselfandI14 Sun 07-Jun-15 16:44:29

I've just posted An almost identical thread!! You most defiantly do not sound like you have PCOS. Have you been trying for long? X

emmiscles Sun 07-Jun-15 20:49:19

Hi .
memyselfadi14- i have been trying for one cycle. as it is hard to predict ovulation due to some shorter and some longer cycle it can be hard sometimes. especially as we moved this month we lost four days where i could of been fertile.
rosebud2015- i know my cycles are not the worst but i read on line that more than eight days variation each month is considered irregular especially as i had no periods for a year in 2013/2014 it really worries me i just see me and my partner never conceiving. im sorry your pcos sounds really bad have you ever been pregnant?

emmiscles Sun 07-Jun-15 20:50:12

oh also memyselfadi14 i read your post and you dont sound like you have it to me

Withalittlesparkle Sun 07-Jun-15 20:56:41

I have PCOS, cycles are anything from 28 to 45 days, not the biggest variation but still a difference. I do have other symptoms though

If you've been to the doc to talk about irregular cycles but they don't seem concerned then I would continue trying, monitor your cycle lengths and then head back to the docs in 12 months.

Its frustrating but on average it does take 12 months

emmiscles Sun 07-Jun-15 21:15:41

thanks. mine are only 35 - 43 days so not as many as you.
what other symptoms do you have if you don't mind me asking?

yes it is frustrating not knowing if you can ever have children of your own.
i only went to the doctor when i lost my periods for a blood test and all the found was a slightly high lh level but like i said i don't know all the hormones they tested but surely someone with pcos would have more wacky hormones than that. id be curios to see what their like now though.

Withalittlesparkle Sun 07-Jun-15 21:30:29

I have trouble loosing weight and excessive hair growth. I went to the docs after 10 months of trying but then that was the first time I'd paid attention to my cycles.

PCOS is paired with an elevated level of male hormones, which my blood tests show. I was told natural conception was unlikely due to the amount of cysts and weight issued but conceived two weeks later

emmiscles Sun 07-Jun-15 21:50:03

im really glad you managed to get pregnant still.
do you think from what ive wrote that it sounds like pcos is a possibility or does it sound unlikely?

Withalittlesparkle Sun 07-Jun-15 23:07:23

As other posters have said it's unlikely BUT that doesn't mean you shouldn't follow it up with further testing if you're that concerned.

A GP may be willing to do some basic testing but they may still ask you to wait.

Testing can be pretty invasive, you'd need blood tests (I think it's 5 vials they take) and a transvaginal scan - that's the invasive bit!

To be honest, I'd wait, just have a little fun trying. You're young (I'm assuming early 20s), other than slightly irregular periods you have no other concerns, so I wouldn't rush to get tested just yet. Aim to have regular sex, every couple of days especially around the middle of an average cycle. Take your folic acid and try to eat as healthy as possible, that goes for DP too, he needs to be healthy too!!!

Good luck

emmiscles Mon 08-Jun-15 19:30:58

is it really unlikely though if the shortest period i have recorded is 35 days and the longest 44 days. that's over a weeks variance and a lot of websites claim pcos can be a cause of such a variance plus the fact i had an absence of periods for a year as well doesn't look good in my eyes. 35 to 44 days is nine days difference? a lot of websites say up to 8 days is normal.
i calculated how many periods i would have in a year based on 45 days and i would get nine.

i am 21 yes very young but i have this dreadful vision of never conceiving in my life.

Withalittlesparkle Mon 08-Jun-15 20:10:43

I'm not saying it completely unlikely, truth is you're likely to be ovulating during each cycle, a 10 day variance isn't enough to say your not ovulating.

Cycle where I haven't ovulated normally merge with the next cycle so they've ended up at 60/70 days, I don't include these in my average cycle length calculations because I know something has gone a bit wonky.

Stress will delay ovulation too

If you're really concerned head back to your GP, talk to them about cycles etc in terms of health rather than ttc if that makes sense

Emmalbae Mon 08-Jun-15 20:30:57

Do you mean if you don't ovulate one cycle you count two cycles as one?
Do you bleed during these 60/70 days?
Can I ask why you think I'm likely ovulating each cycle?
Thanks for your help by the way.
I bet you must be fed up of me haha.

Withalittlesparkle Mon 08-Jun-15 21:45:03

Not exactly it's really hard to explain, and I'm by no means medically trained so I've probably completely misunderstood how things work, someone may come along a correct me shortly

Let me try again...

So say my 'average' cycle is 35 days, I can safely assume I'm going to bleed on day 36, thus starting my next cycle. My periods are always the same, lasting 5 days of a medium flow (perfectly normal from what I understand) I would assume I ovulated 13/14 days before the bleed starts.

I have had one cycle run in to another cycle without a bleed in the middle, so again assuming my average is 35 days but my cycle has reached 70 days (with no bleed) technically that's one cycle but i know by averages that for me that is like to two cycles but I wouldn't use 70 when working out my averages, if after 70 days I had a normal period I would think I ovulated 13/14 days before the bleed started

So if you're having regular bleeds (regardless of cycle length) its a good indication that you're ovulating - you'd be able to back this up by watching out for symptoms mid cycle

You can have a bleed every month and not ovulate, known as a withdrawal bleed but would probably look/feel to a different to a normal period.

Withalittlesparkle Mon 08-Jun-15 21:52:27

I know trying to conceive is a mind field and can send you mental wondering whether it's possible or not.

I don't want to sound patronising but you're still very young and time is on your side. Take a few months just having regular sex, try not to think too much about TTC and if you're still concerned after you've had say another 6 cycles go to the GP (mention that you are ttc, that you've noticed some cycle irregularities that have you concerned)

If you feel like you'd like to be a little more proactive then I recommend a book called Taking Charge of Your Fertility, it's a good book that'll help you learn more about your body and teach you to chart if you want to go down that route. I found it very useful!

Sorry I've gone on a bit but I hope some of it's useful

Emmalbae Mon 08-Jun-15 22:00:25

Thanks. I understand now.
I do watch out for symptoms but I've only ever once saw ewcm on cycle day 19 this cycle. Started bleeding on cycle day 36.
It was one big blob after I checked after a bowel movement. I found no discharge in my underwear this cycle and after that despite internal checks could not find any more ewcm. I am wondering if that was just my boyfriend's sperm or something else to.
My periods aren't heavy. I use lite tampons after day 1 . I barely bleed a drop at night. I can wear a pad for hours and barely fill it some times as well.
My periods before used to be so heavy I'd bleed into my sheets at night and bleed crazily during the day
I can't remember when they changed but I think it was after they stopped and come back.

Emmalbae Mon 08-Jun-15 22:01:53

I will try my best to take your advice smile

Emmalbae Fri 19-Jun-15 18:57:41

been on another website today and the women their seem to think I could have pcos.
having a hard time at the moment. no doctor will do tests and nearly in tears everyday imaging the fact my life could be childless forever

Chappie87 Sat 20-Jun-15 23:14:07

Hi emmalbae!
Just thought I'd tell you my story. I started my periods at 11 and they were always irregular I went to the doctors a few times but just got told they'd sort themselves out. At 15 I went on the pill for acne I came off of it at 18 and had no periods for 6 months. I was really scared like you are and went to docs they referred me to hospital I had blood tests and a scan. The bloods showedy hormone levels were all over the show and the scan showed cysts on my ovaries I was and still am overweight. To be classed pcos you have to suffer from 3 or more of the symptoms (you can just have cysts on your ovaries without actually having pcos)
Anyway at the time I wasn't ready for children so went on the pill to regulate my periods. I came off when I got married age 24 took vitamin d and a prenatal vitamin and within 7 months I was pregnant! I now have a beautiful 2 year old daughter.
My advice is to be pushy at the docs if you feel you need to be but most of all relax and know it will happen. Best of luck to you!!

Emmalbae Sun 21-Jun-15 13:19:17

Congrats on your daughter that's brilliant you managed to conceive.
When I had my blood test the only unusual thing was a 'slightly high lh level' which I guess goes in my favour.
What I'm worried about is whether my cycles are ovulatory or anovulatory.
I'm scared I just have withdrawal bleeds. As after day 1/2 I can use lite tampons for up to 8 hours and sometimes they don't even fill right up. I also get minimal cramps except day one and their very mild.
I've only ever seen ewcm once and it was after a bowel movement and one big blob so I doubt I'm ovulating other wise I would see it every cycle ? Even with internal checks I never get any and dont even get the watery type just white creamy stuff. :/ my cervix however does seem to rise and drop back down again.

Emmalbae Sun 21-Jun-15 15:48:44

On a real downer today so depressed and anxious that I could have over a year of waiting to see if I can ever conceive.
Was in tears this morning sil bought her little boy over and she's pregnant again I was so sad thinking I might never have a family like she does sad

Chappie87 Sun 21-Jun-15 20:43:45

I know it's so hard not to overthink it especially when your around babies and children. But I believe it's so much better for you to try and not give it much thought!
It doesn't sound like pcos to me but obviously I'm not professional. Before I had my daughter I never had any indication that I was ovulating no cramps no ewcm (I now get both and know when I'm ovulating) but when I was trying for her we just dtd whenever we felt like it there was no pressure and we were in the middle if buying a house so that took my kind off obsessing about it! I believe this is why we conceived her quite quickly. Bare in mind a completely 'normal couple' can take 9-12months to get pregnant. I know it's soooooo hard but just try to relax. Your young so that's good and a year is a long time in the medicine world they are always coming up with new techniques to aid concieving. I have no doubt you will have a family of your own. It can be hard but stay positive and you'll be fine.x

Redglitter Sun 21-Jun-15 20:47:53

As someone who has PCOS it certainly doesn't sound like you have it. In fact my periods are very regular now.

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