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TTC#1 no AF since stoppong pill 10/04 - can i use clearblue fertiliy monitor?

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allyd84 Sat 06-Jun-15 11:55:09


New to mumsnet and after some advice. Stopped pill 10th April and had withdrawal bleed but still no AF . BFN on all tests but keep testing as Dr said could ovulate at any time. GP said come back in 6 months if still no AF- really worried something wrong

Was going to buy clearblue fertility moniter to see if/when i ovulate but it says you have to start using on first day of period and press m. Does this mean it wont work? Should i get duel opk smily sticks instead?

Is Dr right not to run any tests, worriefd pill was masking problem as have ceoliac which can cause fertility probs.


MrsPCR Sat 06-Jun-15 12:05:00

I would start using it whenever. It might reckon you ovulate on CD4 if it happens quickly which would just mean you couldn't start to spot a pattern, until the following month, but at least you'd know when to dtd and find out approx 2 weeks earlier that your body might be back on course. I was lucky, my first month was only 33 days then regular 28. I am using fertility friend to track so just tweaked the dates on the first period so now it fits.

Are the clear blue fertility monitors not quite expensive? I would you cheapo ppl stiscks if you're doing it everyday, potentially indefinitely. You can get a pack of 5 in pound land and think they're a similar price on Amazon. Then just log it on FF.

I don't know much about the clear blue, but normal oaks cannot confirm of as sometimes your body will see the surge and gear up to ov but then not. Only way to know if you ov is to temp.

allyd84 Sat 06-Jun-15 13:49:05

Thanks, perhaps ill do temp for now and cheap stips, iv seen one step opk on amazon so will get those. Started trying 30th August after my wedding but then fractured knee in october and went back on pill until April on drs advice. Wish i had stayed off and taken other precautions cause now its almost a year and cant even start trying properly sad clear blue moniter is about £20 on ebay but tests that go in it are about a quid esch so woukd be really expensive if nothing happens for another few months! Will let you know how i get on smile

MrsPCR Sat 06-Jun-15 14:26:16

Good luck! The pill is so annoying! I was lucky and only on mini-pill which doesn't seem to have such a long term effect on your body. I mean you have to take it in a 3 hour window rather than 12!

Joey0805 Sat 06-Jun-15 15:49:59

I would say no... I have the advanced monitor but it only takes sticks for 20 days, then it defaults to "low" so if you're cycles are screwed after coming off the pill (as mine were) and you don't ovulate within the 20 days it's totally pointless. That's what happened to me, I'd get to 20 days of low then switch to Boots OPKs for the remaining days until they picked up the LHR surge... And as you said the clear blue sticks are NOT cheap so all in all, a bit of a waste of money for me? With "normal" length cycles tough it would have been brilliant!

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