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Looking for an altruistic egg-donor match

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minicooperB Fri 05-Jun-15 12:25:29

Hello. I'm new to Mumsnet. I'm searching for an egg donor and I don't know where to search on here. I've had a complicated history of secondary infertility. My son was naturally conceived, born in 09, and have been trying to give him a sibling ever since. I've had 7 recurrent miscarriages, then diagnosed with Endometriosis. Had surgery to remove it, and this Easter we tried ICSI at Herts and Essex fertility clinic in Cheshunt using my own eggs. Only 5% chance of success but had to try. 2 good quality eggs transferred but sadly neither implanted. Come to the hard realisation that i need to source an egg donor. However H&E (who had said there's no waiting list) now say they don't know long it could be. I'm 5'7" (171cm) white British, BMI 23.9 with fair skin and dark blond straight hair. I'm creative so was hoping that would also be possible but realise that's perhaps an unrealistic ask. I'm had a CMV test which was negative which i fear might be harder to find a match.
We were hoping to find an altruistic donor as time is running out and i'm so so desperate. Any ideas how to start my own search?

NewTwenty Fri 05-Jun-15 12:42:23

Well, best wishes to you and I hope you are successful - secondary infertility here too, unexplained in our case.

There is a MNer on here who has been an egg donor and she was called 'tree' something or something 'tree'.

Surely the clinic will help you with this?

YonicScrewdriver Fri 05-Jun-15 12:48:07

Some clinics arrange matches and give the donor a discount on her own fertility treatment in return. Could you look for a clinic that does this if yours doesn't?

minicooperB Mon 08-Jun-15 14:42:10

Hi. Yes, the clinic we were thinking of using does an egg sharing programme but they say it takes 6-12 months to get a match. I really don't want to wait that long. So going to see if i can do some more research myself.
Thanks ever so much for your thoughts x

NewTwenty Mon 08-Jun-15 22:06:52

The irony is that at one point I had actually considered being an egg donor for a family member once I had completed my own family - she is now happily at home with her second baby while I am, er not.

Sorry, I know this doesn't help you, but it might illustrate why it takes a while for donors to emerge.

minicooperB Tue 09-Jun-15 11:45:43

Oh no, that's a cruel twist of fate isn't it. I hope you get your wish soon smile

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