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TTC no.2 and friends have already- anyone mind if I offload?

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Treeceratops Wed 03-Jun-15 18:08:25

DS is 19mo. We would like 2 DC and have not used contraception since he was 3 mo. I stopped bf 6 weeks ago (he had been on bedtime feed only since December). Logically I know my body still needs time to settle down but it's now got really hard emotionally as two of my friends have told me they're pregnant with DC2 within the last week.
I feel bad and silly for getting so upset as I love DS to bits, I have so much that is positive in my life and we have some amazing plans for the autumn which actually wouldn't be so fun if I were pregnant. But I'm so up and down about conceiving. Sometimes it's not an issue, sometimes I feel broody and useless for not conceiving yet when others have managed with with similar age children, sometimes I pretend to myself that DS is going to be an only in order to keep the pressure off. Part of the problem is I hate not knowing. I'm a planner by nature and we conceived DS quickly so I'm not used to this.
DH is great- he will listen until the cows come home. I think I'm posting because I need an independent sounding board who are going through it too and if anyone replies I will probably end up talking about feelings seem too odd to even admit to DH.

Minkybinkyboo Tue 09-Jun-15 20:20:19

I feel very much the same way. Dd is 18 months and we've been trying to conceive for 4. It's really not a long time but every month I feel a little sad that I'm not and a little jealous of friends who have conceived really easily! We're so lucky to have dd and she is enough on her own, like you we have plans coming up, but another would complete us.
I'm a planner too and I think because I'm ready I feel frustrated at being dictated to by my body! Silly really ��

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