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First day of last period..?

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mygreeneyedboy Wed 03-Jun-15 13:16:14

Okay, so it should be quite obvious.. But I can't remember it at all!! I remember it started whilst I was in a toilet cubicle... (it was also definitely in May, I can narrow it down to 2 weeks..)

We aren't trying, but we had 2 night of unprotected sex hmm confused the weekend that has just been. I'm pretty sure I was ovulating...

Is it too early for symptoms? I'm extremely tired.. (but we do have a 17month old). So I need to wait until the weekend after next to test? Also feeling bad that I'd be pleased when I know DP would rather us move house before we start to talk about it first... (but then why didn't he pull out? hmm -- not on the pill, very long story)

(PS. I haven't been on here a while so I can't remember all the short abbreviations.. be kind!)

CarrotVan Thu 04-Jun-15 09:38:12

So you had sex the 30/31 May and might have been ovulating? That would place your period around mid-May assuming an average cycle length.

You won't get symptoms until implantation at the earliest as your body doesn't start with the pregnancy hormones until then. Implantation is usually 6-12 days after ovulation - usually more like 8/9dpo. That takes you until early next week

So the short answer is POAS about two weeks after suspected ovulation if your period hasn't arrived and start tracking your cycle so you know your safer days and your fertile days.

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