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pain and PCOS

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susurration Tue 02-Jun-15 12:44:38

I've been getting a lot of pain around the area of my right ovary. I'm not sure if its ovarian cysts or something else.

Does anyone else get pain with their PCOS or is this abnormal?

susurration Wed 10-Jun-15 17:05:47

no one else then?

RoseBud2015 Wed 10-Jun-15 17:46:04

I have PCOS and I don't get any pain, just abdominal cramps. Ovarian pain would make it sound like you are ov'ing to me! I'm not ov'ing so maybe that's why I never get pain! hmm

I wouldn't say the pain necessarily is linked to PCOS but I suppose there is a possibility it could be a large cyst.

I think the only advice would be to get to your doctor if the pain is really severe. Do you temp? This would highlight if you are ov'ing or not and whether it coincides with the pain you are experiencing.

susurration Wed 10-Jun-15 20:30:42

Thanks rosebud It did seem to coincide with Ov'ing and lasted until AF arrived pretty much. So perhaps it was a cyst and its reduced down now. If it happens again I might go back to GP, but its been on and off for several years.

RoseBud2015 Wed 10-Jun-15 21:01:02

You're welcome! Its not clear from your original post if you have PCOS or not, but if you do there is a very friendly thread under conception called "TTC with PCOS" which you may be interested in joining. Its been a lifeline for me! X

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