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What's the latest after a missed period that you've got your BFP?

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jacksonbollocks Mon 01-Jun-15 20:28:13

Hi all,

My first post here! We're ttc 1, on 5th cycle now. I always have a regular 28 day cycle, I've not done any temping or OPKs yet so not sure really when (or indeed if) I ovulate.

This month, I'm currently 4 days late. I've had lots of headaches, slight nausea, funny taste in mouth and excess saliva, and lots of creamy cm. I've also had lots of mild AF type cramps. I tested yesterday then again today with Tescos own brand and both times came up as negative.

I'm prepared to be disappointed, but just wondered if anyone took a while after missing AF to get that BFP.

butterflygirl1515 Mon 01-Jun-15 21:02:28


I had positive home preg tests 4 days after AF was due. The tests I did prior to that were negative. My GP told me that it can take a while for the hg levels to be high enough to register so can take up to a couple of weeks in some cases.

I had all of the symptoms you mention.

Fingers crossed you get a positive result soon.
Best wishes. x

jacksonbollocks Mon 01-Jun-15 21:06:27

Thank you. It's so difficult not to get your hopes up isn't it? Will try again in a few days if still no AF smile

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