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Look at my chart, any good?

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babynelly2010 Sun 31-May-15 11:06:42

Can anyone look at my chart and comment?
I got BFN at 9 dpo today but I think my chart is turning triphasic?

ProbablyMe Sun 31-May-15 21:35:43

It looks quite good to me - the app should indicate whether it's triphasic after tomorrow's temp if it stays up. I know that a triphasic chart can happen on non pregnancy charts - I think Fertility Friend's own research suggested that they were much more likely on pregnancy charts. I've had two charts that went triphasic and they were both BFPs - tested at 10dpo and got a very faint line. Crossing my fingers for you!

MrsPCR Sat 06-Jun-15 11:56:47

Any news Babynelly?

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