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TTC and losing weight-anyone else?

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Blanketsandpillows Fri 29-May-15 23:57:44

AF arrives two weeks late this month-meaning that despite BFNs I had totally gotten my hopes up.

Anyhow, I've decided to use the next month to really focus on me! I have been putting off losing weight for ages, and I am going to focus on losing half a stone in June. This will not only make me feel better, but should also be beneficial in TTC.

I am just going to follow a healthy diet (keeping track with myfitnesspal) and move more.

Is anyone else in?

MrsTattoo Sat 30-May-15 00:12:52


AF due any time in next few days, started TTC#1 this month though so will be testing next weekend if no AF by then.
Would also like to start loosing some flab in June, will be starting on Sunday though as I have just scoffed a take away and espresso magnum blush
I'm always about if you want to message me for support etc grin

MagpieCursedTea Sat 30-May-15 00:34:00

My AF was a month late and was just light spotting. I was already quite overweight and have gained 2 stone this year blush sad
I know I need to lose weight to stand any chance of ovulating. I'm in!

Cnmorgan13 Sat 30-May-15 21:03:32

I'm in too. I've got a stone to lose and i guess we're just winging it ttc. The diet starts Monday!

MrsG12345 Sat 30-May-15 22:14:53

I've lost 1stone but would ideally like to loose another 2 if I can. I didn't realise how important BMI is until I've read up on ttc and pregnancy. Good luck ladies!

Blanketsandpillows Sun 31-May-15 19:36:01

1st of June tomorrow-by the 1st of July I want to feel great. Let me know how you all get on tomorrow!!!

Banana79 Sun 31-May-15 20:08:51

I'm in! 4 stone to lose..argh but every little helps in ttc I guess!

Achm Sun 31-May-15 20:14:44

Oh I'm so in!! Had my first bfn last week and very keen to focus on me this month!!grin
Here's to being half a stone lighter by July!!

Blanketsandpillows Mon 01-Jun-15 11:53:48

I'm excited to have started. I managed to have fruit at 11 today instead of my usual breakfast. I am also going to do 30 mins of exercise everyday (even if it's just brisk walking). I am determined!! Good luck girls!

Lamby80 Mon 01-Jun-15 21:44:44

Can I join too please? I have about 3 stone to lose in total but I want to take it one step at a time. Would like to concieve asap but will try to make some changes while I am doing it. I am going to start jogging next week. I feel a bit like it's my last chance!

Blanketsandpillows Tue 02-Jun-15 19:12:13

Welcome Lamby! Have you started! I'm on day 2 and feel good! I feel motivated for the first time in ages. I'm not going to weigh myself-just use myfitnesspal and use my clothes as a judge!

Cnmorgan13 Tue 02-Jun-15 20:56:55

I've been doing this 7 minute workout in the mornings before I go to work. You can do it in your pjs and it fekking works lol

Cnmorgan13 Tue 02-Jun-15 21:00:36

I've rejoined Scottish slimmers tonight. I need the group meetings and weigh ins to stay on track. I've actually 1 1/2 stones to my goal weight but seems like it'll take ages. I want to have a baby but I'm worried how much weight I'll gain, I've lost 2 stones already and don't want to end up where I was. I'm 5'2 so can't hide weight gain well add to that hubby is still not sure he's ready hmm and gah!

Lamby80 Tue 02-Jun-15 23:04:54

No, I didn't start today but will tomorrow. I did have good meals but also some bad snacks! I will weigh in Friday and report back. I need to stay on track this time. How are you all getting on?
I have 6 week cycles so 3 weeks to wait to find if we were successful this time around. It's going to be a long wait.......

Achm Wed 03-Jun-15 07:11:28

I've been eating well but not much exercise yet due to a small injury. Hopefully the eating will make a start and I'll be exercising by the weekend!

Lamby80 Thu 04-Jun-15 08:19:19

Morning everyone! How are you all doing? I'm a but fed up. Even though I haven't been exercising, I have been cutting down on portions and cutting out crap snacks and I have put on 1lb! I think I am going to have to stick to a diet plan which I really didn't want to do, I wish I could just eat better and it work! I have tried slimming world but I didn't stick to it so thinking of giving my fitness pal another go. Has anyone had any luck with this?

SinIckAll Sat 06-Jun-15 19:40:44

can I join in? I'm starting to TTC again in a few days following a mmc in march. I'd like to lose a few more pounds to make sure I'm safely within my healthy bmi range.

Lamby I lost half a stone using fitness pal a couple of years ago; it works if you're honest! makes you more aware of the whole energy in/ energy out balance. it drove me crazy in the end though because I started obsessing over it, plus it annoyed the hell out of my OH!

last year I managed to lose (and mostly keep off) a stone by making small sustainable changes to my diet inspired by (but not sticking religiously to) "2 weeks in the fast lane" and a book about dieting for carb lovers. mainly this has involved cutting down drastically on carbs and trying to only eat them with one meal per day. typically I have fruit and fat free Greek yogurt for brekkie (or smoked salmon and scrambled eggs on the weekend), for lunch either a healthy sandwich on wholemeal bread OR a large salad OR an omelette OR soup. Dinner depends on what I've had for lunch - carby lunch = salad or meat and veggies for dinner; no carb lunch = wholemeal rice/ pasta/ sweet potato/ noodle dish (keeping to smallish portion of carb). snacks are dried fruit or low fat hummus and peppers. most things are low fat versions of food where available and I do have some treats at the weekend. This has really worked for me (along with running/other good exercise a couple of times a week). And I think it's a healthy enough diet for trying to conceive. once pregnant I'll probably reintroduce a few more carbs to make sure I'm giving the baby everything it needs and enough calories.

Blanketsandpillows Sat 06-Jun-15 23:03:59

Welcome SinIck! Sorry about your mmc.
I've lost 3 lbs but I've been really really strict. I'm using myfitnesspal.
I'm thinning of getting rid of my scales though as I think how you feel in your clothes is a much better indicator of weight loss.
I find weekend difficult though!!!!

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