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Using Create IVF Clinic.

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Monique119 Fri 29-May-15 18:53:41

Dear all,
I have recently joined Mumsnet & wanted any recent feedback on any recent experiences of using Create. I am due for a consultation next week to look at low dose IVF. I've heard that their customer service has not been the best but myself & DH attended an open day & had a brief meeting with Prof Geeta Nargund who was quite helpful but stressed that we need to start treatment very quickly as we were running out of time. Any tips would be wonderful. Also had an appt at the Bridge Clinic in London Bridge & I have to say I wasn't happy with their advice. I had a previous scan done at the Create early last year & it showed antral follicle counts of 6/7 with good womb lining. Had the same scan at the Bridge & they said they couldn't see anything which was disappointing. The staff at the Bridge said I should consider donor eggs. Also said they saw a cyst on my right ovary. Did another scan with an independent Gynae doc & he said he could see antral follicles count of 7. This independent doc said best to try with your own eggs first. I am over 40. Any tips about Create would be good. I am seeing Dr. Chouridias. Thanks!

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