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Faintest line

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ammature Thu 28-May-15 14:47:51

Am I kidding myself?

ammature Thu 28-May-15 14:49:03

It's a super drug cheap test and I'm about 13 dpo. So want to be pregnant been trying a while... I'm sitting in a coffee shop all butterfly's now!

fuzzywuzzy Thu 28-May-15 14:50:42

That looks like a pretty strong line to me. Congratulations smile

Fierceflora Thu 28-May-15 14:50:52

Looks like a line to me smile

ammature Thu 28-May-15 14:58:22

Shit. Really? OMG. I just picked one up and took it in the coffee shop. Here now and unable to focus... Aggghhhhh!!! I'm off to buy some fancier ones now. God this doesn't feel real.

Didyeaye Thu 28-May-15 15:01:04

That's a definite line. Congratulations! flowers

Rudawakening Thu 28-May-15 15:01:13

It won't feel real for ages, I think I sat looking at mine for about 3hrs just repeating 'oh my god' every time.


Theselittlelightsofmine Thu 28-May-15 15:08:17

Yes it's a line, congrats smile

Sleepyfergus Thu 28-May-15 15:17:33

looks like a line to me! Huge congrats, I remember that feeling oh so

ammature Thu 28-May-15 15:39:11

Confirmed by clear blue digital test.... need to wait until 7PM to tell my husband, don't know how I can keep it to myself ;-)

inmyshoos Thu 28-May-15 15:47:09

Woohoo congratulations flowers

Nolim Thu 28-May-15 15:52:14


ammature Thu 28-May-15 15:53:33

Thanks lovely ladies. Im off to London this weekend for work, normally we share a bottle of wine with dinner and there can be a bit of pulling and dragging of boxes of stuff. Can I blag it? I'm also gonna be on my feet from 10-8 for 2 days. I'm wondering if I can keep it to myself...

Sleepyfergus Thu 28-May-15 16:33:16

yay!! lovely news.

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