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period 3 weeks late - 2 tests negative?

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katemac93 Wed 27-May-15 20:02:24

Hi ladies, i've been frantically stalking these forums for the past 3 weeks and just really need some help/advice! Im 21 and on the pill (binovum) but forgot to take my pill for about 5 days last month (due to a family illness - my head has been all over the place). So anyway.. my period never showed up and is now 3 weeks late! I took 2 asda hpt's at 2 weeks late - but they were both negative. Is there a chance i could still be pregnant? I've been feeling abit crappy the past week - stuffy nose, pounding headache, cramps, excessive gas (sorry for tmi), heartburn, backache? Also been feeling abit lethargic and having to drag myself out of bed, and my cigs taste funny. :/ have told my DP that my period is late but if hes worried he isnt showing it! He is 1 year younger than me (20) and we've been together 3 years. Im having very mixed emotions right now - I suffer with PCOS and have always been told conceiving would be difficult for me, so part of me is excited at the prospect of being pregnant! But on the other side, i'm due to start university in september to do my nursing degree, so it wouldnt be an ideal situation to say the least sad does anyone know what the best test to take is without breaking the bank? Are asda tests reliable? :/ please help!

katemac93 Wed 27-May-15 21:46:37

Bump.. anyone?

Indomitable Wed 27-May-15 21:56:46

If the tests are negative then it's likely you're not pregnant. Something between the hormonal upset of missing pills and the stress of the illness might have sent things a bit wonky. (I don't know anything about the pill you're on)

You should see your doc, they should be able to shed some light on the situation and also help to rule out pregnancy.

Have you been taking your pill as normal since?

katemac93 Wed 27-May-15 22:14:05

Yeah i've been taking my pill as normal since. I think you're probably right about stress being a factor - didn't think of that. i'll go see my doc though, just to be on the safe side! Thanks for your reply smile

Indomitable Wed 27-May-15 22:35:08

Period might well show up next time it's due then.

Do see your doc though - they'll put your mind at ease (because they know how that pill works).

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