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Who wants to buddy up...thread 2!

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Issie339 Wed 27-May-15 08:08:15

Hi everyone,

Here's our shiny new thread continuing from the old 'who wants to buddy up' thread (sorry, don't know how to link). I'm sure some regulars will be along in a minute and also anyone else who is ttc and would like some company is very welcome to join- we're very friendly!

sparklesandfizz Wed 27-May-15 08:27:26

Marking place and also apologising for x posting on old thread having looked for this one first!
Sorry issie
Half term keeping me busy and stopping me make up symptoms. Still no nausea which is good. Baby sparkles is the only LO ive ever had who goes on hunger strike when poorly. Breastmilk only for 3 full days now she has newborn nappies again shock

sarah1391 Wed 27-May-15 11:55:03

Hi smile oh no hope baby sparkles comes off hunger strike soon! So today DP is thinking of quitting this job...great as he will be at home however means he needs to get a new job ASAP!

VioletIbiza88 Wed 27-May-15 15:47:47

Hiya glad I've found you all again. Not much to report as yet, sparkles I'm working on getting onto your Feb bus, I will do my best but can't promise! Day 8 and smep is officially underway and a negative opk this afternoon. Got a thermometer too which arrived in the post today, it was basically free because my cheap opk's had a high postage cost but when I got a bunch of opk's with a thermometer instead of the opk's on their own the postage was free. It also came with a bunch of cheap pregnancy tests, so hoping I actually get the chance to test this time!

Sarah it's good DP is going to be home more, you can get lots of practice in while he's ahem "job hunting".

Sparkles do you think babysparkles has got wind of news of your impending arrival and is reaffirming her position as baby of the family????

Issie339 Wed 27-May-15 16:41:44

You all found it, hoorah! grin

Haha, baby sparkles is marking her territory, so cute.

sarah great news that your OH is going to be around more, hopefully will speed up ttc for you.

Sounds like you're fully stocked up this month violet. Are you going to temp? I've never tried that, seems like a lot of mind-boggling hard work.

My AF is still here (think I'm cd4 ish now) but feeling positive for June, getting good vibes for us all team grin

sparklesandfizz Wed 27-May-15 21:32:22

violet good job on the stockpiling of supplies!
Got everything crossed for y'all. Get busy wink wink

sarah is your dh offshore? Will he need to get another job before jacking current job in? Exciting and worrying all at the same time. Great if he could be around a bit more for ttc, pregnancy and baby days.

issie enjoy the rest before smep commences.

Thinking of you brooke and hoping things ok with you and your dc's.

Baby sparkles wants me to inform you all she's already over being a baby (you should see this girl stand and whip upstairs!) and is looking forward to having a new playmate after Christmas. grin

We had a great day out but am now proper bushed having walked miles. Kids all bathed and in bed for 7 - I rock (I won't mention the state of the house!)

Dh staying late at work to clear admin but then we have the rest of the week off and family holiday next week. Yay!

sarah1391 Thu 28-May-15 00:36:15

violet sounds like a great deal, i got 50 OPKs with 10 pregnancy tests (there was a thermometer one too but i'd be rubbish at it). violet issie yeah means he will actually be here at the right time so could be pregnant in june!

sparkles no he's working near Crewe so it's about an 8 hour journey. He is hoping to get offshore at some point this year but will need to do a course first which is £600. He's been applying for jobs today but i'm 99% sure he'll be on a train home tomorrow. Sounds like you've had a great day!

i'm worried now that we're ttc at the wrong time (is there ever a right time?). I did the EDD thing, dont know why, but if i get pregnant in june it'd be a march baby. Which makes me think maybe i shouldn't worry so much as even if he doesn't get a new job straight away, i doubt he still wont have one by march!

Rachelc82 Thu 28-May-15 00:57:01

Hello can I join. My stats are 33. TTC #1 cycle 10. Using cbd opk. My otd 2nd June (5 days to go) and thinking every symptom I have is pregnancy related, as I'm sure we all do.

Rachelc82 Thu 28-May-15 01:10:01

Sarah1391 I live near to Crewe. Small world smile

Rachelc82 Thu 28-May-15 01:11:58

Sarah1391 I live near to Crewe. Small world smile

Issie339 Thu 28-May-15 07:55:43

Morning everyone!

Hi rachel, welcome. Sorry if I'm being dense but what's otd? Is it ovulation? Oh yes the tww is agonising!!

sarah that all sounds exciting, fx one of the jobs he applied for yesterday comes through, it's worrying when work's a bit up in the air isn't it.

What a lovely week for you sparkles! Where are you off to on hols?

Rachelc82 Thu 28-May-15 09:15:05

Issie official testing day. Or when af is due.

pinklady26 Thu 28-May-15 12:40:50

Hello, do you mind if I join?

I'm 26, TTC #1 and this is my first month off the pill. I had my withdrawal bleed stopped for 2 days and now I'm bleeding again, its light but there. Did anyone else have this?

I know they say to wait a month before trying to get pregnant but DH and I actually DTD last night as we don't want to wait but now I'm confused with this bleed.

sarah1391 Thu 28-May-15 16:59:34

Welcome rachel and pink haha yeah small world! He's got on the train at Crewe and is now on his way home

Hope so issie. I worry about everything but i'm sure it'll all turn out ok.

pink i came off the pill after 9 years at the end of Feb. Had my normal pill bleed and have now had 2 'real' periods since. Cd 38 and 43 (this is about normal for me, prior to the pill i had long cycles). Not sure why you would be bleeding again but it can take your body a while to get used to being off the pill so it's maybe just hormones playing up! We're also ttc #1

Issie339 Thu 28-May-15 17:23:34

Welcome pink

rachel thanks for explaining otd, I hadn't heard that one. Fx for you, if you get your BFP this month you can join the other guys on the Feb due date thread- we had quite a few BFPs on here this month.

For the sake of the new people, to save you having to trawl through the old thread, my stats are: 30, cycle 8 (or maybe cycle 6 depending how I'm feeling, sometimes don't count first 2 cycles!) ttc #2 (1 dd age 2). I'm currently cd6 so nothing much to report at this stage.

Rachelc82 Thu 28-May-15 18:55:28

I'll keep that in mind, thanks issie. Really hope I do get bfp this month. Me and DP go on holiday on sat, a week in Wales, so may have to test before we go. Not sure if it will be to early though and kind of scared to get a bfn.

pinklady26 Thu 28-May-15 19:40:46

Thank you for the welcomes and thank you sarah for the feedback smile

I'm cd 8, I also have some clear blue ovulation sticks so I'll start testing from tomorrow, im hoping that I will ovulate over the next week or so.

VioletIbiza88 Thu 28-May-15 21:29:02

Welcome Rachel, Welcome Pink Yay more people ttc#1!

Pink I'm one day ahead of you on CD9 today, started using the opk's 2 days ago and just pale barely there lines so far. I've used the clear blue ovulation sticks for the last two cycles and found them very good and clear, no messing about wondering if this lines darker than that line. Giving internet cheapies a go this cycle though as the clear blue are quite dear and don't know how long this ttc lark is going to take!

Issie I went to visit my friend today and met her adorable 11 week old son and had cute nearly newborn cuddles. I want one!

Oh an I have started temping this morning, don't know if it will tell me much as I wake up loads in the night, but I recorded it on my app anyway.

Anyway my stats are: Violet, 27, cycle 3, ttc #1, OTD 17/06/15

pinklady26 Fri 29-May-15 05:56:03

Thanks Violet I have tested this morning and not ovulating yet, I'm hoping I will be lucky and my cycle won't be too messed up! I did think about buying internet ones, I expect I will when these run out.

How is everyone else getting on? Anyone testing soon?

Issie339 Fri 29-May-15 07:57:19

violet newborns are just irresistible aren't they!! grin It'll be your turn soon I'm sure of it.

pink I'm only cd7 of a 31 day cycle so still nothing to report from me. Think I'll start using the OPKs about cd10.

rachel do you think you'd be able to face testing on holiday or hold out until you get back? 4 days before AF might be too early and give you a false bfn, then you'd be upset on holiday.

sparklesandfizz Fri 29-May-15 21:31:16

Welcome newbies! Quiet on here today lovely ladies! Hope everyone well and having too much fun to check in. (Or dtd wink)

rachel fingers crossed for early next week for you. Don't panic too much they have pregnancy tests in Wales grin

Sparkles family all off to Wales next week too! Little ones uber excited, big ones more pensive considering weather reports!

Couldn't resist poas today - am stooooopid. Clear blue digi now 2-3 weeks so hormone increasing. Clearly gonna have to do it again next week to see 3 + then relax all the way to 12 week scan ( yeah right!)

brooke thinking of you and hoping you are well - hope you're still lurking and will post again when you feel able ((((hugs))))

Rachelc82 Sat 30-May-15 00:57:02

Issie if af does not come on Tuesday I will know that I am because an never late. Maybe a day early sometimes but never late. Haven't tested yet. I was planing on in the morning. I have started to convince myself I'm am now, Iv been eating none stop since ov and have put half a stone on. Aching boobs. Waves of nausea the last couple of days also. I'm feeling different this month as well. Or I don't know if I'm imagining it all because I looking to hard for symptoms. Grr it's so frustrating. Shall I test in the morning or wait till tues?

Hello everyone, thank you for making me welcome ��

sarah1391 Sat 30-May-15 11:26:51

Hi everyone!

rachel and sparkles hope you both have a great time in wales!

violet i've got internet cheapies for this cycle so will see how i get on with them! £5 for 50 and 10 pregnancy tests haha. Awww newborn cuddles! Love them

rachel i would wait to POAS. I wasnt sure really when exactly my period would be due, POAS twice, BFN obviously, best to wait until a few days after AF is due if you can!

DP is home now and job searching. He must've been very happy to see me as he initiated dtd (it is always me). I'm on cd 7 of an approx 43 day cycle so dtd is just for fun for now. Think i'll start with the OPKs about cd 20 just to make sure...depending on DPs job situation, maybe i'll just be relaxed about it and see what happens if he doesn't have a new job by then (applied for approx 50 so fx)

so my stats: sarah, 24, cycle 2, ttc #1.

pinklady26 Sat 30-May-15 19:33:05

Hello, hope everyone is having a good weekend.

FX rachel you get your BFP

sarah have you recently stopped the pill? Is that why your cycle is so long? I hope you don't mind me asking!

VioletIbiza88 Sat 30-May-15 19:50:18

Hiya, just checking in with you all,

My lines on opk's are darkening by the day and the baby making attempts have started, but the important week will be this week coming.

Rachel good luck for when you test, not too long to wait now! Why don't you just take a test with you to use if you are late?

Pinklady have you started your opks now?

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