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Experienced charters please help! ! Did I ovulate and if so, when?

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Bluebell1403 Tue 26-May-15 21:44:07

Hi ladies,

I'm wondering if someone who knows their stuff could shed some light on my chart, please? It's my first month properly ttc and I'm so confused. I'm using Fertility Friend so I'll try to post the link to my chart. I'd so appreciate any input! It's on advanced detector atm but on FAM detector it detects O at CD30, but to me it looks more like CD27?

Just to warn you, I'm an awful sleeper and have inconsistent waking temps for that reason.

Thanks in advance!!

Can't make this a hyperlink so it'll need to be copied and pasted, sorry!!

Bluebell1403 Sun 31-May-15 20:56:19

I'm case anyone who's worried that FF can't decide if they ovulated, I got my BFP this cycle, so clearly I did! On the FAM setting I now have a ridiculous chart with no ovulation plotted but a positive test. I guess I'm just saying don't freak out if FF is a bit baffled by your chart!

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