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Did anyone experience these symptoms

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loveclouds Sat 23-May-15 09:10:59


Going to shops later to get a test but been experiencing the below and wonder if any of you have also experienced this and found out they were pregnany or something else?

Extremely light period mainly brown, more than spotting
Dizzy spells
Powdery white discharge in pants
My complexion is grey
Extreme tiredness so much that I had to sleep at 5pm (luckily dh was here)
Feeling of fullness and cramps like I about to start my period again.
Stuffy nose

If I was pregnant I would be only 5 weeks. I remember other times I had similar symptoms especially with feeling like my period was about to start.

I thought maybe I have a urine infection with the tiredness and cramps but checked online this morning and symptoms don't match.

Maybe its hormonal. If I am not pregnant I will be going to Gp om Monday as I am mainly worried by this exhaustion. Being a busy mum means I have not time to be tired!

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