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Advice re use of natural progesterone cream in 2WW please?

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artylady14 Wed 20-May-15 14:58:29

Hi all, I'm ovulating today on CD27, I do have irregular periods and have recently been referred to a gynae who sent me for tests but still want to ttc this cycle. I have symptoms of PCOS (but not really any cysts). I had a very early miscarriage in the 5th week last year and so I am just wondering if I should use natural progesterone cream in my two week wait.

I was thinking of ordering a cream today (little late I know) and using a little each day. I forgot to ask the gynae about this when I saw him last month. Does anyone know if it is safe/good to use? I don't normally have a short luteal phase. thank you.

autonomousplum Wed 20-May-15 15:16:30

I'm on prog this cycle for a short lp. Pills though. Don't know much about the creams. The only advice I have is that it you start on prog don't stop after two weeks if you do fall pregnant. You won't want to confuse your body by suddenly dropping the prog levels. you want to keep the same level going until the placenta takes over prog production etc.
obviously you can stop if you get your period, but if you fall pregnant rather keep using it until you see your gynae or gp or until the placenta is functioning well. Seems a good time is until around 9weeks.

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