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June BFP anyone?

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StrawberryRiceCake Wed 20-May-15 07:51:16

This is cycle #3 TTC for me. I really hoping this will be my month. Who's with me?

MyNameIsSuz Wed 20-May-15 07:54:50

Me! Cycle #2 ttc number 2 after a mmc back in March. Took 5 months to conceive my son (3 years ago) then 2 months to conceive last time, so I'm hopeful! I kind of have June in my head as the right time, it'll give a neat 3.5 year gap with my boy.

StrawberryRiceCake Wed 20-May-15 08:20:50

Welcome Suz! Sorry to hear about your mmc :-( I've been there too three years ago, it's a horrible thing to go through. Hopefully this will be our month. I have a 2 year old DD and she took 3 cycles to conceive. I wanted a 3 year age gap so really hoping it works soon.

pulpi Wed 20-May-15 13:35:19

I'm hoping for a BFP 10 June.. or there about. 33, cycle #6, ttc #1. Just discovered that I'm ovulating way earlier in the month than I thought I was, so I'm in for a really long tww... more like a 3 week wait!

sampypants Wed 20-May-15 14:35:27

Hi everyone (first ever post, long time lurker). Cycle#2, TTC#1 for me. Will be testing towards the end of June, just got hit by AF so out of the running for May.

Managed to hold off POAS so far, but avoiding symptom spotting is near impossible. I didn't even know my body does half of the stuff it does!

smellsofelderberries Thu 21-May-15 14:47:58

Me! Currently CD1 of cycle 3, TTC our first. I'm much more hopeful for this month. I've been seeing a herbalist and we have been TTC since I last saw her, and she had me on some things that won't help/will work against supporting a pregnancy, so now we've sorted that out I'm feeling really positive.

Anyone else charting and temping? Started temping last month and I have really enjoyed seeing my body work exactly as it should after so long on the pill!

Rachelc82 Thu 21-May-15 17:25:51

Hello I'm 33 ttc#1 cycle 10. I'm cd 15 (first week of tww) hoping for bfp 2nd June smile

smellsofelderberries Thu 21-May-15 18:08:55

Awe good luck Rachel! The TWW is so tough. Are you using OPK's or anything?

VioletIbiza88 Thu 21-May-15 18:28:56

Hello all, AF arrived for me yesterday so that's me off the May bus and onto cycle 3 ttc #1 and the June bus. BFP will be due on 17th June which would be best ever early fathers day present for DP fx'd! Been using clear blue opk's for the past two cycles but going to switch to internet cheapys now as this ttc lark could take a long time and they are so expensive. Anyone use them can tell me which ones are any good? Also going to get a thermometer, so I can get even more obsessed with ttc than I already am not sure if that's a good idea or not, but need to feel like I'm doing something!

Rachelc82 Thu 21-May-15 18:50:52

Hi berries I am using opk the clear blue one. Tww is hard. Think I'd be used to it being my 10 tww lol but never gets any easier. hmm

pulpi Thu 21-May-15 18:56:18

Hi fellow June bus riders! Consolations for all those just kicked off the May bus.

MyNameIsSuz Thu 21-May-15 19:37:16

No charting or tempting here, but my body's pretty obvious and I can definitely tell when I'm ovulating. Lmp finished last week so have three weeks til I can test, hoping this month is it, I can feel it in my waters!

smellsofelderberries Thu 21-May-15 19:56:40

Violet, I just got the cheapest ones on Amazon and they've worked really well for me. I also temp, I have a 'babymad' thermometer (also from Amazon) which I really like. I really liked the reassurance of seeing. That I definitely ovulated, it gives me a lot of peace of mind smile

Vap0 Thu 21-May-15 20:10:11

I'm in!
Hope more than anything June will bring my long awaited +
Age 33
Ttc 20 months
CD 14
Ovulating today I think (positive opk this morning)
Only 2nd ovulation since Ttc <bloody depo stealing my eggs>
AF due 4th June
It will take all the will power I have and a lot more for me to not test early!

Not been on a bus before but this month I have a feeling it will be my month!


StrawberryRiceCake Thu 21-May-15 20:13:35

waves to everyone.

I temped with my DD for a while just to get confirmation that I was ovulating. I've just signed up for fertility friend again and I'm going to temp this month just to make sure everything is working. I have the thermometer and OPKs from Amazon too smile

My cycles aren't completely regular but have been 25 days for the last few. I don't want to get too obsessed but I like to feel like I'm doing something. I did 4 tests at the end of my last cycle and don't want to end up doing that again. It is so disappointing to get a BFN.

inmyshoos Thu 21-May-15 20:27:17

Ooo hello can i join too. I will be 39 at the end of this month and this is my first cycle ttc #4 (mc between 2+3). I have all the symptoms of low progesterone (pms, very hairy blush spotting before af and have spotted with each preg until placenta takes over at 12 weeks) I have ordered some wellsprings serenity progesterone cream to try from ovulation onwards.
I was hoping to just through caution to the wind and see what happens. Instead i am completely obsessed and already thinking of potential difficulties!!!

Be lovely to have some company ttc (ha ha dh might object, ha ha grin)

FlatWhiteToGo Thu 21-May-15 21:19:53

Vap0 - what does depo do to your eggs/ovulation?! I'm worried now...

Can I please join the bus? TTC #1, cycle 6 and OTD 10th - 12th June.

I've had such a shit week. Really got my hopes up last month as everything was perfectly timed etc and I had loads of symptoms...then AF came...then I needed an emergency doctor's appointment and it looks like I may have endometriosis. From looking at Google obsessively (which I know is naughty) it looks like this has a huge effect on fertility sad. I now feel completely hopeless about the whole thing sad.

pulpi Thu 21-May-15 21:53:42

Oh no, flatwhite! Pour yourself a big glass of wine tonight.

glamhelp Thu 21-May-15 22:02:14

Me! TTC #2 cycle 1..

Can anyone point me in the direction of somewhere where I can find out info on how I know whether I'm ovulating?? This is all new to me and this month we've just guestimated based on a period tracker app I've been using since November.

It's been a little stressful already. I promised myself I wouldn't get too caught up in it but I can't stop thinking about it and DTD has already become all about the baby making which has made it difficult to get in the mood!

FlatWhiteToGo Thu 21-May-15 22:14:39

Thanks Pulpi...decided to go for a massive hot chocolate instead! Did I see you've just got a new job? That's so exciting! What will you be doing? (Generally that is - I appreciate you may not want to out yourself!). Hope you're excited lovely!x

Vap0 Thu 21-May-15 22:47:21

flat I didn't ovulate for 19 months after my depo injection wore off, so actually 22 months after last jab. I was on it for 10 years. Never again.

glam there is a good app called ovia, it's free but does require a couple of months of data to start giving you relevant dates. Other than that buy some opk's from amazon. You could temp also or instead of opk's?

Good luck everyone for June grin

pingoose Fri 22-May-15 06:12:59

Me too! TTC #1, cycle 3-ish. I went off the pill in January, so haven't had a proper cycle since, but feel like it's finally settling down. On CD17, so will be testing in 10 days or so?
glam I use Ovia too - find it has become more helpful after a few months, it's a bit annoying inputting data everyday but now I'm used to it. I've only been temping so far, no OPKs.

glamhelp Fri 22-May-15 06:40:02

Thanks Vap0 and ping.

Will have a look!

pulpi Fri 22-May-15 07:42:49

Flatwhite I work at a university library. Yes, that seems vague enough. It'll be a lot of busy administrative work, which is good for me because I bore easily when there's nothing happening and all my tasks are done.

FlatWhiteToGo Fri 22-May-15 10:19:34

Vap that's really worrying. Have things gone back to normal now? I was also on depo for 10 years so am now really worried...

Pulpi that's awesome! Congrats! I hope you enjoy the job. It's definitely better to keep busy...especially when going through this TTC cr*p smile.

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